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Show Of Hands February 19th, 2013 7:15pm

More annoying, whiny, and harder to watch and/or listen to?

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MrWolfe Nashville
02/20/13 7:03 am

I'll tell you this... Not long ago; I watched her tear Barack Obama 'a new one' over the hypocrisy surrounding his criticism of Bush's interrogation initiatives in comparison to drone strikes. Her delivery was sincere
Her monologue in that episode may as well have been written by Ron or Rand Paul...

MrWolfe Nashville
02/19/13 8:23 pm

I find her tolerable *sometimes.*
Depends on what mood she's in & which issue she's on at a given moment. Overall, though.. I lean toward 'not a fan.'
If you really dislike her, Google 'Rachel Maddow Angry Young Man.' A local news anchor caused quite a stir with a Facebook post fairly recently ;)

Emma Austin.ish.
02/19/13 4:58 pm

I can, however, say that I cannot stand Rachel Maddow.

Emma Austin.ish.
02/19/13 4:57 pm

Actually, much like the soccer players, I don't know who Hannity is. I hate commentary like that. But yet again, I voted because I wanted to see the responses. ;)

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
02/19/13 1:04 pm

Coined a new phrase!

A) Ones ability to remove bias in the phrasing of a question.
B) Enhancing ones salad with the popular topping made by "Betty Crocker"

MrWolfe Nashville
02/19/13 12:42 pm

Upon further review... I should have tried to 'Bacos-ize' the question in a more open-ended way...
'Which of the following political commentators do you find to be inspiring?'

MrWolfe Nashville
02/19/13 12:38 pm

If you didn't catch it... The Stewart-Colbert poll was the inspiration here.
(Especially since Stewart brutalizes Hannity regularly for pure sport ????)

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
02/19/13 12:33 pm

Mr. "Tingles" makes me want to throw up.
"Immovable Hair" only a little queazy.

thatguy81 here
02/19/13 12:31 pm

Another impossible question to answer!

MrWolfe Nashville
02/19/13 12:13 pm

I wish MTV still ran 'Celebrity Death Match.'
Would love to have seen one of those matches pitting these two jack wagons against each other... ;)