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11/23/11 11:51 pm

Had the second generation Kindle, and eventually gave it to a friend. Enjoyed it, but love my paper books more. :)

11/23/11 11:01 pm

Nookcolors are awesome.

11/23/11 4:36 pm

check the polls. this is obviously something everyone can agree on

eradicator JC
11/23/11 8:21 am

No, but I download free ones.

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 12:12 am

sorry-impatient! too impatient to proofread, evidently. ;-)

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 12:11 am

Unless it's a nonfiction book that I think I might want to make margin notes in, ALL of my books are electronic on my Kindle or iPad. I am inpatient for shipping and prefer immediate gratification. :-)

homeagain NWA
11/22/11 7:58 pm

No, but I check them out from the library on my phone.

11/22/11 4:08 pm

the entire Percy Jackson series. so freakin amazing

Hope Minneapolis
11/22/11 11:37 am

Darnit you guys! I just had to go & download a whole buncha books after reading this stream :)

11/22/11 9:11 am

Swanson at the Kindle Store as I recall it says the prices are set by the publisher.

11/22/11 8:09 am

Why aren't ebooks substantially cheaper than printed books? It has to cost company's less.

11/22/11 6:58 am

Free ones!! I prefer real books to be honest.

11/22/11 3:36 am

I tried out the kindle for about a month. It was neat, convent, and I had choices. But the experience wasn't there.
I love books. I'm pushing the ninety mark soon and can not wait til I have a library like room. <3

11/21/11 11:35 pm

Yes. But I still prefer real books. Thrs nothing like smelling new books from a library. Haha (I actually hate that smell) 

dylansl Texas
11/21/11 10:53 pm

Reading is the past. Audio books are better.

applestar Florida
11/21/11 10:40 pm

I'd rather read a hand held paper book. reading from a screen gives me a headache after a while.

11/21/11 10:39 pm

Just bought a Kindle Fire. And it's made reading much more enjoyable for me.

11/21/11 10:37 pm

The overdrive app tho flawed helps cut my book costs down a lot

kaemea Ohio
11/21/11 10:33 pm

I love my kindle but I will never give up actual books. The feel, smell, sound of a book can never be replaced. I also think, if you're going to buy a hardcover, you should get the e-book free!

11/21/11 10:28 pm

I haven't bought any but I use audiobooks which are free so does that count? I wish I had more time to
Read tho

11/21/11 9:58 pm

there is something about building a library, something you can leave your family.

11/21/11 9:55 pm

Krasnodar in my experience only pretty dated books are free. But I could be wrong, I'm usually looking at new releases.

11/21/11 9:55 pm

moo4200: for sure RIP Mr. Larsen!

11/21/11 9:53 pm

valeriejo: absolutely loved those books! Can't wait to see the movies, should be intense! just sorry the author died prematurely I'm sure there was a lot more great stuff in thar geniuses head!

11/21/11 9:51 pm

Jezebel & CAwench - I'm with you two - no more piles of books laying around, whoo hoo! And I also *adore* the dictionary, how great is that! Also, love my Kindle when traveling - no more lost space just for carting around extra books.

11/21/11 9:00 pm

What is the rationale behind buying an e-book, or really any book at all? There are free public libraries for a reason.

valeriejo ramble on
11/21/11 7:55 pm

Wow jopat.. Something we can agree on! I love the girl with the dragon tattoo. All 3 of those books are awesome.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/21/11 6:57 pm

Jopat- love Steig Larson! I really enjoyed those three. Shame he passed before getting to see how big it's gotten rip

11/21/11 6:56 pm

downloaded some free ones but nothing new that I paid for

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/21/11 6:55 pm

No. If I'm gonna spend 15$ for a book, I want it sent to me in paperback form too! That's a lot of $ for a digital copy, in my opinion. I do like a good old fashioned book :)

dotnetdev Georgia
11/21/11 6:50 pm

I love the the enhanced books an vooks. Just what the ipad was made for. Just need to get more tech books with these features.

ORinNY New York
11/21/11 6:41 pm

Scarle - might as wonder why young people don't read books anymore. Now if you asked who had ever purchased an MP3...

11/21/11 6:38 pm

I really enjoy e-books, great way to get reading again! I've bought about 50 this year hope to keep it going forgot how much you gain by reading even if it's a murder mystery. Anyone else get into Stieglitz Larsens books, The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo?

11/21/11 6:34 pm

Why aren't the poll numbers higher for tech savvy young people? Curious.....

11/21/11 6:26 pm

Bornofash: I'm just saying we need to kep an eye on these bad companies that will abuse and exploit the land and animals. look at Mickey d's and the chicken dilemma......

monkeyy Ohio
11/21/11 4:08 pm

@gonk and yune800: I agree, the actual tangible book is way better than the electronic version. :)

LicensedNe North Carolina
11/21/11 4:00 pm

Though, I must say, actual paper is still my favorite

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
11/21/11 3:56 pm

I have the three incarnations of Nook and I LOVE them! I am a voracious reader and some books need to be experienced in paper, no doubt about it. But my entry into the e- book world allows me to travel with a bunch of great reads without breaking my back! Love it!

Nerdz Texas
11/21/11 3:34 pm

I've never bought one cause I only download the free ones

11/21/11 2:49 pm

Yes. And I also bought an audio book electronically, too. And I ordered a book from amazon electronically with a crappy phone in 1999. I'm all about the E, baby!

11/21/11 2:39 pm

I buy books in any form!

bornofashes Chicago, IL
11/21/11 1:38 pm

@jopat, no one is cutting down virgin forests for any kind of paper products, there are tree farms that are specifically grown for that purpose.