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Show Of Hands February 5th, 2012 12:00am

What did you think of the Doritos slingshot-baby commercials? (SBXLVIQ)

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sam Maryland
02/05/12 7:26 pm

This doritos commercial makes me wanna punch someone in the face I hate when children are used in commercials I am never going to buy Doritos again.

02/05/12 7:01 pm

I don't care for babies/kids in commercials, I think children are overused in ads because they know parents are suckers for that kind of stuff and will buy anything as long as there's a babbling toddler.

cowboy Proud Father
02/05/12 6:39 pm

No babies were harmed during the make of this commercial.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/05/12 5:59 pm

Loved it. Think the cat killing was sick on the other one.

02/05/12 5:55 pm

doritos and so what the want Sam

02/05/12 5:55 pm

Still not as good as the pug one.

sam Maryland
02/05/12 5:54 pm

Ugh the commercial was really stupid I was expecting a better commercial.

02/05/12 5:51 pm


02/05/12 5:48 pm

That kid was so annoying. I wanted to punch him so bad

02/05/12 5:48 pm

Liked the other Doritos one better, but very cute. Go granny!

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/05/12 5:47 pm

love the baby hand up holding dorito at the end

02/05/12 5:47 pm

Baby commercials are usually good I don't laugh out loud often but I laughed out loud on this one and everyone looked at me.

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/05/12 5:47 pm

Doritos has stepped up their game this year!

02/05/12 5:45 pm

Don't not try this at home

joe13 California
02/05/12 5:45 pm

Doritos never fails to make awesome Super Bowl commercials.

daniel14 Great Lakes
02/05/12 5:44 pm

did u see the disclaimer do not attempt...