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Show Of Hands August 23rd, 2011 12:00am

Given the apparent collapse of the Qadafi regime, do you now think that our military engagement in Libya was a good idea?

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08/30/11 5:19 am

Anywhere that way. Canada, Italy, Germany, ect. are realizing the implications of such actions and are making efforts to back out of the same system we're headed towards. We need to stop the ever expanding federal system and return power and responsibility back to the people. Only we can fix it.

08/30/11 5:16 am

To tell us what to buy, when to buy it, and it leads directly to a nationalized system. The more power the gov't has, the less freedom we get. If we were serious about things we'd make the tough choices and take on the entitlement system, instead we continue to feed the beast. We'll never get

08/30/11 5:13 am

You can't really compare car insurance to healthcare either because car insurance cover your mistake. You hit someone, they cover the other person. With healthcare, someone like myself that hasn't been to the doctor since '07 will be paying for someone I've never met and it gives congress the power

08/30/11 5:11 am

@ranks- I personally just don't agree with the Feds taking part in the private sector. Like businesses, gov't will always be more efficient on a smaller scale. Switzerland has a mandate but it's all done through private sector companies which is a better way, not perfect but it's closer.

Ranks New Jersey
08/30/11 2:06 am

As they laughed all the way to the bank. U know what I mean? Money talk B.S. Walks.

Ranks New Jersey
08/30/11 2:04 am

Of course the NO compromise agenda just pro-longed the efforts being made that every citizen repub, dem or independent could benefit from. But the political war machine took over made this about treason in some way n not about the sick, the vulnerable, the debt and made this into a me vs. him fight

Ranks New Jersey
08/30/11 2:00 am

To gave there say and if u think about it. This was Bob Dole's(R) model of health insurance reform. The liberals wanted Single-Payer. Which in my mind made more sense and the old republican majority leader endorsed who is a Doctor. Obama did everything he could to give republicans a hand in this but

Ranks New Jersey
08/30/11 1:56 am

Car insurance. And it's not like u can't keep yr own. It stops pre-existing conditions. Helps prevent insurance fraud. Alot of good things are coming out of it but we can always implement amendments to it instead of just throwing away all the hard work that went into it. The other side had a chance

Ranks New Jersey
08/30/11 1:54 am

Absolutely. We can always change the law or make amendments to the law to help make the law fit right. That's why I like the Healthcare Act b/c it is a problem that needs fixing and we can always make amendments to it. The 1 thing I think people didn't like was the mandate. But it's like that with

08/29/11 10:27 pm

Ranks- glad you made it out, I sometimes go the extreme on some things. I just feel like we do most things better than others and we should only learn from their experiences. Study ideas that we want to implement and exercise extreme caution so we don't accidentally venture down the wrong path.

Ranks New Jersey
08/29/11 7:45 pm

As Brothers instead of accusing one side(liberal) of treason. We are All Americans whether RIGHT or LEFT. we need compromise so we can meet in-between and find a solution that benefits both sides of the argument. Otherwise we will split and the house will fall and it longer will be called...America.

Ranks New Jersey
08/29/11 7:41 pm

And York alot of towns and states. Our food, some of our tradition goes back there as well. To deny where u come from is denying yourself. I don't think I ever said name America" Europeia" my family and ancestors fought and died protecting America(whether right or wrong) but should treat each other

Ranks New Jersey
08/29/11 7:38 pm

Crazy 2 not be open 2 other ideas. Especially if they prove 2 work very efficiently. American will always have it's own identity. Remember though, alot of American ideas come from our European background. Remember France helped us win our independence. Philadelphia is also a town in England n Jersey

Ranks New Jersey
08/29/11 7:32 pm

@murph No I actually made out ok. Thank you for asking. I don't want to b a European Country but remember that alot of America's ideals come from a European background. There's nothing wrong with taking a good idea that's not from America and apply it to our own system. I believe it would be

08/29/11 1:28 pm

@ranks- 1. I hope you didn't lose anything in the storm. 2. You're the one who implied a physical threat, I merely stated your ideas are dumb and don't line up with the European countries you wish we were. 3. We can agree to disagree, no matter how wrong you are. (lol)

Ranks New Jersey
08/28/11 7:58 pm

Then I believe if u can't at least respect your fellow countryman who pays taxes, volunteers, and is a responsible citizen, then maybe the only conclusion since your side wants no compromise is for us to go our separate ways. A relationship without any compromise is either a dictatorship or divorced

Ranks New Jersey
08/28/11 7:55 pm

Yea because welfare is just the worst thing to ever happen in America. U wanna call people fucking morons. I believe that's being a bully n personally I believe bullies r not needed in political discussion. U have your point of view and I have mine. If people like u keeping resorting 2 that measure

08/27/11 12:50 pm

@ranks- the democrat party never changed, they just found an alternate way of keeping minorities oppressed. Ever heard of welfare? Also, I live in Cincinnati, but I grew up in Louisiana. Threatening someone online? It must be because you've clearly lost the intellectual argument and you're pissy

Ranks New Jersey
08/27/11 11:50 am

Hey murph. I lived in Ohio. Columbus right on Parson Ave. Ohio nothing like Jersey I would swallow u hole n spit u out in pieces. O yea the democrat party back then was the republican party today. I don't need 2 live in a country with people like u so either u go or I go and I ain't leaving.

08/27/11 1:02 am

@ranks- you just summed up the liberal you are, a socialist who wants to secede from the union. I wonder what party that was that tried it in the south back in the 1860's? Oh yeah, democrats. And hiding behind an iPod, nope it's an iPhone. Also, you're from, not intimidating

Ranks New Jersey
08/27/11 1:01 am

Federal government would b there 4 defense foreign policy etc. The laws, taxes n programs would be up to the discretion of the people of the region in which they live. Governed by the constituents for the constituents. Federal policy would be decided by just a Senate, Supreme Court and Presidency

Ranks New Jersey
08/27/11 12:07 am

The Midwest for example if they wanted to make abortion illegal..they can do it. Or if the Northeast people like hire taxes and the Southeast region doesn't like hire taxes..they both can do that. If a Conservative or Liberal can't stand the policies of there Region they can move. And be happy

Ranks New Jersey
08/27/11 12:03 am

I really believe we could break it up into Regions. Liberals can have there region Conservatives can have there region. Libertarians have there Region. If u don't like the policies of yr region move 2 where people will agree with you on how to run your region. The only Federal tax would be 4 defense

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 11:58 pm

Of us will suffer. So my poll would be "Is it time to break up America into providences where tax n law are different?" but only in times of War are United" THE UPA or is that 2 liberal? Maybe the United Regions of America? B/c this country is so far apart on issues I think it maybe time 4 a divorce

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 11:52 pm

Now in reality if u said that in person. Instead of hiding behind yr IPod it wouldn't be a good day for u. A house divided can not stand. This house is split and it seems to not want to work with itself to get back together. So I recommend we go our separate ways or this house will collapse. And all

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 11:47 pm

Ummm I guess. There's no reasoning with republicans. I really think it's time to divide the country up. I'm dead serious about this. Our there will be a civil war in the future. If there's no compromise there's no love for your countrymen anymore. U call me a fucking moron b/c I don't see it yr way

08/26/11 7:07 am

by the way it's not illegal for Mr. Buffet or any of his rich friends to write the government a check.

08/26/11 7:04 am

ranks; this discussion is pointless. if people tell you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? look these issues up for yourself! that way at least the numbers you are using would be in the ballpark.

08/26/11 5:17 am

Cont. I'm sure both of you are Eurocentric ideologues, exactly how many people are paying taxes in Candace, Germany. Hell, anywhere in the EU. People like you want a socialized platform but don't have the balls to step up and do what it calls for, tax everyone. F**king morons....

08/26/11 5:07 am

@rj and ranks- well for starters I make less than 25,000 a year and I'm saying that people like me should all chip in. A 20% flat tax with no loopholes would bring in 400-600 billion more in revenue a year. What's wrong with that? Why's it such a problem to ask everyone to help? Cont.

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:45 am

$hit I'll give u 6% back(2.8 trillion) if I know that it would pay off our debt in 10 years! I'll still have my cars,homes etc. I get that in perks each year. Use that $ 2 give the veterans a pay increase 2. B/c if it wasn't 4 them I wouldn't have my millions. maybe fix that bridge so I can drive 2

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:38 am

That like 1.5% tax break that Obama and 80 % of Americans say it's time to be over. Is 700 BILLION over 10 years! I say if 1.5=700billion increase it to 3% that = 1.4 trillion. We are exactly 1.4 trillion in debt per year. There u go. If I got a 500% raise in 10 years. I'll give u your 3% no problem

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:33 am

20 more percent. ( then u can have something to cry about)

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:30 am

Warren Buffet said it best. It is time 4 the TAX BREAKS 2 be over! U had yr 10 year break. CEO's over 10 yr average 500% raises n average employee has had 0% raises. Well raises in there health care cost. 500%! I think they can chip in another 2% towards taxes don't u think? Shit increase it to 10%

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:24 am

U can't draw blood from a stone. It's classwarfair. If I made 250,000 per year 5% of that is what? And if I make 25,000 per year 5% is what? Do u see the difference? If u make 25k can u imagine a life 10x better or if u make 250k can u imagine yr life 10x better but u can give up 1% more in taxes?

Ranks New Jersey
08/26/11 2:17 am

Someone please tell what is wrong with the Health Care Reform Act. Please give me specifics. And again 22,000 for a family of 4 u think they should pay more in taxes? But not somebody making 250,000 or 20,000,000? Wow! I think that's just ignorant. The majority of poor r not bad people.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/26/11 12:36 am

What percentage of people who serve in our military are in that no income tax bracket or from families in that bracket? Do people/kids from families that are more affluent serve at the same rate?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/26/11 12:34 am

47% of Americans pay no income tax because they don't make enough money to be taxed. What's your problem with that exactly? poor people not living up to your expectations? or are you just for more taxes in general?

08/25/11 11:49 pm

cont. A little more, maybe look in the mirror! 47% of Americans pay ZERO federal income tax! Our corporate taxes aren't extreme, but it would do a lot of good to bring them down to 10%. we would then be on the low side, and be uber pro-business.

08/25/11 11:45 pm

@ranks- 1, if anyone said that Obamacare was good, they lied. 2, where does the money come from to pay for the agencies to enforce regulations? The taxpayers. 3, Sure immigration doesn't hurt the business, it hurts people here legally trying to work the same job. 4, if you want someone to give cont

Ranks New Jersey
08/25/11 11:36 pm

I think what's going on I'd that the Super Rich don't want to give up a little. Facts r facts. Why do they go overseas so they can keep getting pay raises. And every1 else pay stays same. If they gave more back it would make it fair. 500% raise for average CEO IN 10 yrs, every1 else gets shit

Ranks New Jersey
08/25/11 11:32 pm

No I never started a business but doesn't mean I don't know people. And they tell me Obamas healthcare helps. Taxes r an issue. But not regulations as much. Illegal immagration doesnt hurt small business it helps them. They make more money and pay less but get more work out of them as well.

08/25/11 6:44 am

google Bernie Marcus talks about small business on you tube he's the CEO I mentioned.

08/25/11 6:40 am

supposed to deal with veterans. it's obvious you have never operated or started a business. if you had you would realize all the hoops you have to jump through. it's not just regulations it uncertainty with taxes and the Health care nightmare.

08/25/11 6:35 am

Ranks; the companies making record profits like Apple foe example have taken their factories over seas for a reason, cheap labor and much less regulatory over site. The real job creators in this country are faced with a 200 page mandate that tells them how they are

08/25/11 6:30 am

I didn't get my information from modern media outlets. check what the SBA is saying or your local Chamber of Commerce. Facts are just that......Facts, sorry if reality bites.

08/25/11 6:27 am

RJ; the real engine of this economy is small businesses. the big multi-nationals have the resources to weather the storm. I'm certainly not blaming illegals but I'm trying to highlight all of the uncertainty that this administration has brought to bear on the smaller job creators..

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 11:51 pm

anybody blaming regulations, taxes, or illegals for the economy is merely employing the same old, tired BS used for about a century now (but really hyped up to the 10th power with modern media outlets).

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 11:46 pm

There will be no jobs if there isn't demand for the goods and services required for businesses to hire.