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Show Of Hands March 29th, 2012 12:00am

If you had a time machine that could only move in one direction (but as many times as you like), would you prefer to be able to jump forward or backward?

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04/09/12 10:42 am

If you go to the future you will probably find a time machine that can do both lol just saying

FrostedMin California
04/07/12 9:26 am

Well... Let us use logic. If you go to the past, you could change the future, if you'd go to the future, you wouldn't change anything. ._.

04/05/12 3:01 pm

both! i can always go to the future first, then go back to the time i got a new ticket, but i would go to the past, i hav always wanted to go meet Abraham Lincoln!

Gelidity Pennsylvania
04/05/12 9:24 am

Going backwards is obviously the superior choice but it would suck having to live days over again, especially if you are still aging.

KudosToYou California
04/04/12 8:23 pm

I'd go back in time, that way I could kick Constantine's ass before he legalized Christianity.

04/04/12 4:35 pm

I already lived past or read about it. let's see what the future is like when I would have been dead and not known

04/04/12 3:54 pm

I would go a little back in my own past and save friends from ruining their lives, and telling friends suicides not the right answer and I would stay in school. Just fix everything.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/03/12 7:28 pm

It's a one way ticket baby. Make the most of it. How do you think the first astronauts felt choosing to have the honor of doing their duty? Not many can lay their lives down for others or their country. They make the choice for you!!!

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/03/12 1:40 pm

Well, of you go forward, you're going to make yourself more ignorant. However, if you go backward, your level of intelligence increases (relative to the period in time, of course). The fact that you know things will happen will heighten security (i.e. 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc.) Plus...LOTTERY!!

snafu Washington
04/02/12 8:35 pm

I'd go to the past just a few decades and take a few gadgets with me, patent them and then sit on my behind :)

snafu Washington
04/02/12 8:33 pm

@tehshay Obviously you wouldn't be coming back home.

04/02/12 5:09 pm

How the hell am I supposed to get home? Or is that the point?

04/02/12 2:12 pm

I'd like to see the future. if you were to go to the past, it'd be very risky trying not to mess up the future, just like the butterfly effect.

cowboy Proud Father
04/02/12 8:53 am

@Jonny Obama was mentored by a card carrying Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. And Obama supported his racist Marxist professor, Derrick Bell. And he's famous for giving Joe the Plumber the Marxist line "pay their fair share", which he still says.

04/02/12 6:08 am

The past, definitely. I would love to go back to biblical times or the late 18th century when America was being founded. :)

04/01/12 4:43 pm

Think lotto numbers future people!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/01/12 4:12 pm

What can we learn from this? It appears that those who go back want control and to be safe or selfish. I can go back a day, win the lottery and continue. To go forward requires fearless, selfless adventure with no guarantee and definite loss of what you know. No gloating, just new life.

04/01/12 11:17 am

Getting the the future is easy. Ging to the past is what's hard. Go near a black hole and your getting to the future. Jst go very fast.

Zack100 Tatooine
04/01/12 10:14 am

Everytime they go to the past everything gets messed up! Go to the future!

swimguy Illinois
04/01/12 10:04 am

If you went to the past you could seriously mess things up on accident

04/01/12 7:37 am

I would look at my upcoming tests, take a pic of them, and return home studying for the test up until the actual test

04/01/12 4:57 am

Skipping forward through the future, where I cold take advantage of wisdom won from other's mistakes, is way more intriguing. the challenge would be to have a skill that remained marketable through time. Perhaps storytelling?

03/31/12 9:25 pm

Or I could find infinite energy break the light barrier and go back in time myself.

03/31/12 9:23 pm

I have chosen future however, if I was to go into the past I would erase all forms of religion. I would do this so the future would be more advanced than it is now. (the dark ages)

03/31/12 8:09 pm

@ theantichrist I'm sorry I mean theantilib you are fucking ignorant. You don't know what middle eastern people are like. You're thinking of a small minority of extremists. That would be like a country invading America because of the few bigot like yourself.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
03/31/12 7:51 pm

We can go back in time and occupy the entire middle east and colonize it. Then, the savages would learn how to become normal human beings.

03/31/12 7:16 pm

The past is known, and therefore boring. The future is an adventure waiting to happen.

03/31/12 4:27 pm

Future so I could get one that goes both ways.

Topgun California
03/31/12 2:15 pm

Dang, my lottery numbers didn't get chosen, guess ill go back one day.

03/31/12 1:51 pm

The best reason to choose the past, I think, is that you could go back just 1 day and fix your biggest life mistakes..

03/31/12 1:43 pm

I was shocked to see the results.
I wonder what the earth will look like in 100 years or 1000 years. I know what the past looks like and wouldn't want to live there. To each their own I guess.

03/31/12 12:25 pm

I'd jump to the future ten years at a time to ensure that I don't end up in any post apocalyptic world. I would love to see future technology. I'm hoping for an efficient anti matter reactor that could take us to other worlds, maybe even find life.

Br@ndon Your Soul
03/31/12 11:28 am

@crevvie Seriously? The earth was supposed to end on year 2K, June 6 2006 and whenever that preacher said it was going to end. It's not going to end. It going to be a regular day.

Anyway I chose the future. There's a lot of family and people in the past I'll like to see, but the future is so cool .

musicfreak Loving Life
03/31/12 10:28 am

it depends would I age if I went forward? if so I would want past if not in to the future!

03/31/12 6:42 am

the past, of course. the world is going to end in December, so there isn't much future left.

03/31/12 6:41 am

if you go in the past u wouldnt die

BadBadger Georgia
03/31/12 12:28 am

The future, of course. If I didn't like it when I was, I'd much rather keep looking for something better by moving forward than backwards.

03/31/12 12:23 am

liz1, you must be a teenager. I wish 'the hard times' only consisted of taking out the trash. ;)

03/31/12 12:22 am

The world 100 years ago is still a world away from today's society. I'd go back and maybe... hmmm stock market, perhaps.

SoCalSon SoKal
03/31/12 12:02 am

If you jumped back 100 years, you wouldn't be able to time travel forward, do you would be stuck in the past.

03/30/12 11:27 pm

Well I voted past but it took me a while to choose because if I had chosen future, I could move past all the hard times and things. Example, if I had to take out the trash, I could move past it

03/30/12 11:26 pm

I often go through small towns as I drive around for my job. Most are dead now, but I always wonder what they looked like when they were busy country towns. Also want to attend some parties with those big southern gowns.

03/30/12 10:57 pm

You will see the future, not the past

03/30/12 10:44 pm

@moonshot: I guess many people want to correct their past mistakes.
Striking the Orion project was such a mistake though not mine.
Private enterprise will eventually bring us back to the moon, to Mars - and beyond :)

moonshot More often I know nothing
03/30/12 10:33 pm

This result shocked me! Why would anyone pick the past over the future? ...very strange.