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Show Of Hands February 14th, 2013 1:35am

From the 2 most populous US areas; police departments in New York and Los Angeles are arguably the most 'famous' public safety units in the world, when level of exposure is considered (TV, Movies, etc). Which would you trust more in an emergency?

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MrWolfe Nashville
02/13/13 7:25 pm

Yeah... Thought of that right after I posted. May be tough to get neutral opinions

Tony SOH Founder
02/13/13 7:23 pm

Probably the wrong time to ask this question fairly - after the whole Dorner thing...

MrWolfe Nashville
02/13/13 6:57 pm

Awwww.... Come on! 9/11/01 ring a bell? ????
In all seriousness; I have a friend in law enforcement. It has been said that the NYPD is widely viewed as a standard-bearer, even worldwide

Doopy Remedial Americanism
02/13/13 6:45 pm

The NYPD is much further away from me, so I trust them more. Neither one seems deserving of my trust.

susanr Colorado
02/13/13 6:39 pm

I really have no freaking clue.