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Show Of Hands February 13th, 2013 2:15pm

Did your parents mind if you watched R-rated movies before you were 17?

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02/19/13 11:22 am

They watch them with me and I'm 11

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
02/15/13 1:43 pm

They watched them with me

tdaddy Kentucky
02/14/13 9:15 pm

When I was 16 they hadn't started rating movies yet.

therivkid State of Confusion
02/14/13 8:01 pm

I wasn't allowed to watch PG-13 movies until I was 15...

02/14/13 7:23 pm

There are some PG-13 movies worse than a lot of the R rated movies. Depends on why it's rated R.

valeriejo ramble on
02/14/13 6:28 pm

They started letting me watch them when I was like 12ish but they'd have to approve of which ones I was allowed to watch first

02/14/13 6:21 pm

Oh boy! This is a problem!

emt816 Virginia
02/14/13 6:04 pm

Im 24 and they still mind- yey Bible belt :(

MrNarwhal1 Naperville
02/14/13 2:54 pm

As long as they're watching it with me

MrChris80 California
02/14/13 9:38 am

My parents did not use the MPAA ratings to determine if a movie was okay for me to see. They looked into the content themselves or saw it before me.

nslam Texas
02/14/13 6:56 am

Hard to get access to R movies when I was that age. No cable, not even VCRs. And they carded at the movie theater!

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
02/14/13 5:12 am

But. . . But Halloween is part of a classic childhood! And Harry Potter is just awesome!

38041 Georgia
02/14/13 3:18 am

Wow, I thought it was just my parents. The R movie thing I get, but the other stuff blows my mind. Witches and evil spirits aren't real, so I never understood why a watered down version of a pagan holiday is so bad. To each his own, I suppose. My kids love being superheroes and getting candy.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/14/13 1:27 am

The Hardee's ads are ridiculous. We've quit eating there. (I contacted them & they basically told me that they didn't care. That means they don't want my business, so they no longer get it.)

dawl adulting
02/14/13 12:24 am

Yes but of course that didn't stop me.

02/13/13 11:02 pm

They let me watch mostly whatever as long as it basically wasn't porn. My dad and I went to see all the Saw movies together. My mom and I loved action flicks.

8455 Missouri
02/13/13 10:59 pm

I miss the 70. & 80 movies

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
02/13/13 9:27 pm

BTW my wife couldn't. I just had to turn off the walking dead because my she walked in and it will give her nightmares.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
02/13/13 9:21 pm

I've seen some horrendous things in my life and instead of freezing up or throwing up I was able to jump in and help out.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
02/13/13 9:17 pm

watched what I wanted played what games I wanted and turned out just fine. I havent shot up any schools or theaters. I havent ever been in trouble with the law. I have a great family and a job that more than supports us all.

8ESBABY Houston
02/13/13 9:13 pm

Not allowed! I wasnt even allowed to DATE until I was 18. The 'rents were old school.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/13/13 9:08 pm

The first movie we weren't allowed to see was Peyton Place. So I went to the library and read the book back in a corner. Didn't understand half of it.

02/13/13 8:54 pm

U watched that with ur family??? Even the double sided dildo part? AWKWARD!

02/13/13 8:51 pm

Child's play definitely messed with my head and I slept with the lights on for ab 2 years. The exorcist was another one that scared the daylights outta me.

ugafan Southern by choice
02/13/13 7:40 pm

My parents minded and I mind what my children watch. Innocence can never be regained. I can't control much of what they're exposed to, but I can control the movies they see.

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
02/13/13 7:37 pm

They used to show R rated movies at the drive-in by my house in 1980. Giant breasts anyone? Two stories tall, it was awesome.

Zackisan VC Member
02/13/13 7:17 pm

Same with my parents

02/13/13 6:24 pm

Also, when I was 16, my Dad rented the movie "faces of death" for me.
I was just curious.
A hideous movie but it was Dad who got sick.
Guess it should have been rated 40+.

beanD California
02/13/13 6:21 pm

In eighth grade, my very conservative parents had me watch some movie that they remembered being funny. They couldn't fathom why it was rated R. Until the naked woman popped out of the main character's bed.

RepubIican South east
02/13/13 6:15 pm

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depended in the movie.

penelope USA
02/13/13 6:14 pm

I was raised strict baptist. I didn't even get to watch TV until age 15, much less movies. Resulted in the rubber band effect. As soon as I got "free" I did everything I'd been restricted from and spiraled out of control. Took years to get my life back on track.

02/13/13 5:39 pm

Not at all - I was free to watch what I wanted.
In 1974 (I think) my Dad snuck me into the movie Earthquake.
This was rated 16 at my place because of disturbing scenes and the mighty sensorround sound effects. Loved it - aged 9.

02/13/13 5:29 pm

War and violence was ok, but borderline porn was a no go

38041 Georgia
02/13/13 5:12 pm

Definitely a creepy film. Gremlins is really dark, too.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/13/13 5:11 pm

Rio, there are several websites that will explain the reason for the rating. I try to check them, even for PG-13. Sometimes the rating is about violence or something that I don't find offensive.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/13/13 5:11 pm

Yeah, all three of those should've been higher than PG. Jeepers creepers, I'm an adult and parts of Temple of Doom still creep me out.

bnnt Los Angeles
02/13/13 5:07 pm

Depends on what it was back in the 80's - war movies, horror movies generally OK. Porky's/Animal House no.

Difference is today's PG-13 are yesterday's R movies with language and sex for no reason whatsoever.
Today's R might as well be NC-17.

not_even Boston, MA
02/13/13 5:06 pm

My parents would let me watch rated r if it was rated for violence, language, gore, anything but sexual scenes..then I wasn't allowed to watch.

38041 Georgia
02/13/13 4:58 pm

About all of it, or just the rated r thing?

02/13/13 4:56 pm

I agree with ur parents..

38041 Georgia
02/13/13 4:52 pm

My parents were nuts about rated R. They didn't even like PG13. Of course, they also didn't like Halloween because it's "the devil's holiday" and my mom thinks Harry Potter is evil because it teaches kids witchcraft. Go figure.

38041 Georgia
02/13/13 4:46 pm

Found it: Temple of Doom, Gremlins, and Poltergeist were PG, which upset some people. Spielberg and others said MPAA needed a rating b/w PG and R. They decided on PG13. Red Dawn was the first one released with that rating.

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
02/13/13 4:41 pm

They cared when i watched them before i was 13, but not after

stinkypete In the Sky
02/13/13 4:33 pm

Pretty sure my very first rated R movie was at a fairly young age when mom was at work and dad wanted to watch "police academy" lol i also remember watching national lampoon European vacation. First pair of bare boobs I'd seen on tv. Thanks dad!

02/13/13 4:22 pm

Watch Gummo, then begin projectile vomiting

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/13/13 4:17 pm

True. And that's where parental guidance comes in to teach them the difference.