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Show Of Hands February 13th, 2013 2:50am

Should pre-school be taxpayer funded, like K-12 education is?

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Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
02/18/13 8:28 am


jojo08 Odenton, MD
02/17/13 7:01 am

Not in this economy. Maybe if America ever got rid of the deficit.

Soxfan824 Jesus was a liberal
02/16/13 4:36 pm

Nice job on that spelling pal. It's "college" not "collage." Apparently you did not attend a high quality preschool.

02/16/13 10:48 am

Nothing should be run by the government and funded by the taxpayer. The government isn't competent enough to run the education we have now. Please don't let them screw up kids earlier than they already do.

02/15/13 2:17 pm

K12 is already messed up enough. Lets fix that first.

kteacher85 oregon
02/15/13 9:11 am

Major studies have been done, namely the perry study and the Chicago preschool project. They provided QUALITY preschool (not babysitting) to low income children and followed them for 40 years. These kids had lower incarceration rates & divorce rates, and higher hs grad & college rates.

02/14/13 9:41 pm

Maybe if the country wasn't broke

02/14/13 8:50 pm

I say government should pay either pre-k or higher education. Obama through out some stats $1 today saves the government $7 tmrw. Get it done

02/14/13 7:55 pm

No preschool is an optional add on to your education equivalent to collage.

02/14/13 7:46 pm

For the people who said no. What if all the data was right, that preschool has a huge rate of return for the country. Increases the odds of American students succeeding. Is that worth it? Doesn't Oklahoma & Georgia have universal preschool and their red states. Maybe republicans got it right.

02/14/13 7:31 pm

Pre-k, not preschool! Head start is a wonderful federally funded grant based low income & special needs program. I worked 4 years for head start & strongly support early childhood education efforts.

02/14/13 5:37 pm

Actually smod, it's a myth that public schools are "horribly funded". They get more $ per student than several private schools, particularly religious schools. They just get worse results.

02/14/13 5:34 pm

Doesn't prove cause and effect. Preschool is probably just a market for parents caring about their kids. That is what helps.

02/14/13 5:31 pm

And what are these benefits? How do we know that the preschool is causal?

02/14/13 5:13 pm

some parents can't afford to send their kids to preschool, (yes republicans ,they are called the poor) maybe not entirely free for everyone but some should get aid so they would spend more time working an less time taking care of their kids

cgart96 Murfreesboro, TN
02/14/13 1:34 pm

Pre-K isn't something that is needed, it's definitely not something that should raise taxes

getupbaby South City
02/14/13 12:02 pm

I dunno, but I'm comment #400 so there.

nslam Texas
02/14/13 7:22 am

And mess up our kids' socialization too? Let's not.

lmurder MDK
02/13/13 11:39 pm

Yes. For instance my sister in law. She gets high and drunk and doesn't do anything with her child. She could afford a maid to take care of it for her.
There's a lot of dead beat moms. Can pay the bills but can't be a mother.

TheAntiLib Dutchess County, NY
02/13/13 9:37 pm

Lets spend more money that we don't have!! Why not? Come on libs...!! Enough is enough.

02/13/13 9:01 pm

This should fall on States to decide and fund. If you can't. feed (or raise them) don't. breed them.

silentkc Newport News, va
02/13/13 8:04 pm

I'm all for the benefits, but I want mommy and daddy to pay or do it themselves. Taxpayers are hit up enough paying for the terrible schools we already have. The answer isn't gouge the taxpayer, it's in holding parents accountable for giving their kids the education they need.

02/13/13 7:37 pm

If the government is going to fund preschool education which will remove the need for most daycare then parents should not be able to use daycare expenses as a deduction on taxes for children over the age of 3

02/13/13 7:01 pm

All of the comments below that are against preschool are the exact reasons why we need preschool services! Obviously, you haven't looked into the rich and detailed research of the benefits of preschool programs on all children and their success for later grades.

02/13/13 6:52 pm

I tend to be conservative more often then not, but education benefits society as a whole. Provides a path to success for all. Is the one greatest factor for EQUAL opportunity. Is the education system broken, yes but poor preschool education is better then none. For all those not wanting to take car

02/13/13 6:24 pm

This is just another Obama payoff to the Teachers Union.

02/13/13 6:22 pm

Even the Dept of Health & Human Services study showed that the Head Start Program was a failure. And we want more failure at an even higher price?

therivkid State of Confusion
02/13/13 6:09 pm

That's not really true. In preschool, children learn the basics of reading and writing and also develop social skills as well as motor skills. In this day and age, preschool is really necessary for children to get a full education, and thus it should be taxpayer-funded.

02/13/13 5:54 pm

Yes. By the states. NOT by the Feds.

02/13/13 5:31 pm

Studies show kids who attend preschool are less likely to be incarcerated as an adult and more likely to have a job and an education.

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
02/13/13 4:48 pm

Preschool isnt needed, its more like a day care where they learn a little bit

02/13/13 4:10 pm

If parents aren't bright enough to teach their 4-5 year olds the ABC's and colors, they shouldn't be having kids.

02/13/13 3:28 pm

PreK is very good for kids from deprived families, or kids with average intelligence. Not so necessary for the brighter ones (although could be fun if taught at a more advanced pace) or the ones with an involved parent at home.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
02/13/13 3:02 pm

Preschool or schooling in general is better than a "dead beat mom?"

02/13/13 2:44 pm

As a tax payer I'm not responsible for those little fucking brats,let there so called parents take care of them,not on my dime!!!!

chrizm32 Ohio
02/13/13 2:42 pm

That wouldn't make it a good study though, would it? Also it would be a huge coincidence if the children chosen just happened to come from better families. Also keep in mind that all the kids in the study (including the control group) were from the same socioeconomic background.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
02/13/13 2:40 pm

We are all paying taxes for things that directly affect us. Lets help the babies while we're at it....

02/13/13 2:01 pm

Correlation doesn't equal causation. I would argue that it makes much more sense that those who went to preschool had more involved parents.

smodcast Newport News, Va
02/13/13 1:56 pm

Our schools are already horribly funded and getting terrifyingly poor results. The answer isn't in tax and spend more money. It's in holding mommy and daddy responsible for raising a child

smodcast Newport News, Va
02/13/13 1:54 pm

I have no problem paying for elementary and high school education. But pre-k is just glorified babysitting. If parents want to give their kids a head start, GREAT! I'm all for it. But either do it yourself, or pay for it yourself.

02/13/13 1:52 pm

Because we live in a civilized society... I don't think there are public schools in Somalia either

02/13/13 1:50 pm

Kindergarten is mandatory. At least where I grew up. It could be a state by state thing??

And not to be over-generalizing or anything, but is it possible that more preschoolers are successful because you have to pay for preschool? So they'd be coming from presumably "successful" families anyway?

smodcast Newport News, Va
02/13/13 1:48 pm

Here's a thought.... Don't have kids until you can afford to care for them. Why is it on me to pay for your offspring?

02/13/13 1:42 pm

Wow! How blind are you? A lower class family working late hours to provide for there children are to blame? I think you should rethink that post

stabrepeat Louisiana
02/13/13 1:40 pm

In my preschool they have us reading by age 4