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KyHeff Kentucky
01/08/12 4:56 pm


samblake Michigan
01/07/12 1:10 am

8 - 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles, 2 ferrets

W0rdshark Vermont
01/04/12 1:20 am

I had two, but one just died :(

RIP Mr Bojangles, The Christmas Rat

b. 12-25-2009
d. 12-25-2011

Moosey2 Texas
01/02/12 10:33 pm

just one cat. I'd like to get another but my cat would probably eat anything else I brought home. someday I'll get 2 kittens at the same time, though.

01/02/12 3:45 pm

fish and dog all I need

01/02/12 11:28 am

1 beagle. I wouldn't need anything more

Kato Minnesota
01/02/12 3:55 am

3 awesome ass cats and 3 snakes oh yeah

bumkillah California
01/01/12 11:59 pm

Lottie Dottie is the only 1 ???? ????

Emma Austin.ish.
01/01/12 4:54 pm

we've got a pup (rescued her 8 yrs. ago, no idea of breed), a rat (given to me by a student that wasn't allowed to keep him), and 3 millipedes. :)

01/01/12 12:52 pm

Does my little brother count as a pet? lol

dlyliny1 New York
12/31/11 11:01 am

If u won't, u have no one to blame but yrself (certainly not the dog, who prob loves u even tho u sound like a mean, selfish owner!)

dlyliny1 New York
12/31/11 11:01 am

@KyHeff, while some dogs are proven to b smarter (Border Collies and Poodles), most dogs r not "dim-witted" (unless he has a brain abnormality) & can b trained 2b better. U, as the owner, must commit 2 training him, tho, & give him enuf attention.

12/31/11 10:48 am

only 1 pet but I fiercely love her! 2yo pitbull mix-> Daisy

KyHeff Kentucky
12/31/11 8:42 am

looking at the must dim-witted dog,(my dog),I wouldn't want another.

12/31/11 7:53 am

Does a temporary bunny from your teacher from winter vacation count?

12/30/11 8:30 pm

Lol Badger- if you saw my dogs your heart may melt, though. Go to the Westminster Dog Show website, look up Bernese Mountain Dogs, then Breed Standards. Those dogs are from the breeders we got our dog from, in NY. That was taken with a disposable camera even. Course I'm partial since I'm a Dog Mom!

12/30/11 5:12 pm

65 animals most are pets yeah. 2 horses 5 cows 1 pig 1 sheep 15 goats 30 chickens 10 geese 1 dog :) petting zoo practically.

reichukey Oregon
12/30/11 2:00 pm

2 dogs :) Asia is a Shepard Black Lab mix, Copper is a purebred Bassett Hound.

12/30/11 1:11 pm

I have three dogs and six cats. I dont want six cats i want one or two cats but my daughter found 4 kittens in the street and brought them home. Does anybody want at least three cats?

12/30/11 12:44 pm

Oh ya and I just got a dwarf hamster!!!

dlyliny1 New York
12/30/11 12:24 pm

And I have 3 li'l fuzzy "children", 10yo Toy Fox Terrier (Ringo, the neurotic one; just had a birthday), 9yo Rat Terrier (Tulah, the feisty one) and 11yo apricot Toy Poodle (Ginger, the sweet and shy one). Gingy was diagnosed w diabetes in Apr but is doing great now. They're the loves of my life!

dlyliny1 New York
12/30/11 12:18 pm

I love hearing how much ppl love their pets! Ppl who love animals are good-hearted...& ppl who say they hate animals (esp dogs, bc dogs r the most loyal, noble, loving beings on the planet) are not 2b trusted: mean, miserable folks w/ a screw loose. Even if ur allergic, there's no reason to hate.

12/30/11 9:47 am

Okay so nobody cares about these comments...? but it's a lot better than the devisive political crap...

BadBadger Georgia
12/30/11 7:39 am

As a badger, I could never own a pet that was edible. Even then, I once had a pet rock. Ended up with 3 broken teeth.

12/30/11 2:13 am

2 dogs daisy and sassy and a turtle named derby

12/30/11 1:24 am

1 Persian kitty and 1 rescued domestic shorthair kitty

BadBadger Georgia
12/30/11 12:59 am

c/T, holy cow! A billion chickens? If you eat as many eggs as I'd bet you do, I hope you're watching your cholesterol!

BadBadger Georgia
12/30/11 12:49 am

And 1 that we've all been waiting with bated breath to hear!

12/30/11 12:21 am

136 comments that no one cares about.

12/29/11 11:27 pm

Let me see. A cat, 2 rabbits, a billion chickens, and a horse.

12/29/11 10:55 pm

...we also have a large pond that has MANY goldfish (rescued feeder fish) and even more frogs and toads, there are 2 giant Barn Owls that live in the pine trees and a desert tortoise (rescued) that lives under one of the Deador Cedars, the grandkids love it here!!

12/29/11 10:44 pm

...and all of them are rescue animals.

12/29/11 10:43 pm

1 Tennessee Walker, 2 barn cats, 2 Great Danes.....and we have downsized!!

outcastaway Florida
12/29/11 10:39 pm

4 pugs 1 basset 2 rescue pugs 2 fish always get a rescue pet there the best.

peacenskis Alaska
12/29/11 10:13 pm

Rescue MinPin 13yo, Cairn Terrier 9 yo, Splash my Tuxedo kitty who is 7 yo, and an Old English Sheepdog who is only 5 months old. Hands full, but very active so they are too!!!

12/29/11 9:23 pm

1 kitty and 3 turtles <3

12/29/11 9:11 pm

My mom has a dogs. I hate dogs. and coke. are you on android? Or are those iOS emoticons? Maybe it lost that compatibility on the android release?

lilipad Tennessee
12/29/11 8:27 pm

I love my doggy she's the best!!!!!!

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/29/11 8:20 pm

@Coke, all boxes, you got the Pepsi virus.

12/29/11 6:39 pm

Do you guys see my icons or just boxes?

12/29/11 6:39 pm

Why don't my icons shows? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

12/29/11 6:38 pm


12/29/11 6:38 pm

A bulldog and a boxer! Theyre so old and precious! ????????????????????

beaglebay Texas
12/29/11 6:14 pm

One Beagle and one Golden Retriever. Best. Dogs. Ever!

KnockOut69 South Carolina
12/29/11 6:00 pm

Holy fuck balls!
Do you own a zoo?

12/29/11 5:33 pm

J'aime, some neighbors down the street have alpacas, but we often call them llamas by mistake. The animals not the neighbors lol. Does that happen to you?