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Should government contribute funding to support the arts (theater companies, art education, etc.)?

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07/03/11 8:51 pm

People actually say yes to this? Although i dont think we should be giving more money to things like this when we have more important things o be giving to, the governor in my state (wisconsin-walker) has targeted education in his stupid budget plans and its forcing schooks to cut music and art clas

07/02/11 11:02 pm

Haha this is funny because people say yes to this cause but in reality there is no money for funding... The taxes we pay go in to the pockets of politicians. With our current president we will only grow deeper in debt. Don't believe me? Then your obviously a Democrat.

06/30/11 11:18 pm

Art is not generally lucrative but benefits society past pragmatism. It should be funded out of necessity. New ideas like research are our greatest American export.

06/30/11 9:57 am

We should keep the arts but quit wasting money on sum stupid b.s. Like basketweaving class...

06/29/11 6:39 pm

Comon! I love theater, government should pay for some. I would love to go to theater shool!

06/24/11 11:57 am

4 all u idiots that said no.... YALL R SO STUPID!!!

rory82 Virginia
06/23/11 1:53 pm

Still say it should part of the education dept. Not to fund it outside that!

06/23/11 12:59 pm

Even though I am a VERY artsy person (band, choir, show choir, one act play, musicals. Melodramas, etc.) I don't think they should fund u for two reasons: 1. The arts programs should be able to do enough fund raising to get whatever they need. 2. It would only increase the deficit.

rory82 Virginia
06/23/11 10:44 am

School arts is a must should be considered as education!! Now it's under arts itself!

06/23/11 12:26 am

Seriously? Do we really need the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Nevada? This is sickening spending beyond belief.

06/22/11 8:26 pm

this is why I don't like (most) republicans ._.

sabs Georgia
06/22/11 6:55 pm


06/22/11 2:44 am

Art is amazing, but not the gvts area.

rory82 Virginia
06/22/11 12:54 am

Hate auto finish meant to say 14.5 trillion in debt.

rory82 Virginia
06/22/11 12:51 am

Tired of our government funding everything, don't know if you notice we 14.5 trillion dollars I'm debt!!! Need to shed the fat somewhere!! I'm not bashing art either, def helps with creativity. Just shouldn't on gov dime

samantha New Jersey
06/21/11 11:59 pm

Art is what keeps the human race from turning into always us to express ourselves and be free and creative...this is where government money belongs...not on pointless wars we shouldn't even be in because the US needs to keep out of other country's business

sharyna New York
06/21/11 7:07 pm

What a bunch of ignorants! Of course the government should spend more on the humanities and arts. Art promotes creativity and innovation and it's how you get your silly iPads and iPods and get to see great movies because of the geeks who decided to take film classes.

dvx1 Montreal
06/21/11 9:57 am

The fact that our sole basis of value is "profitability" is really a sad commentary. The destruction of classical education in the arts and humanities is the direct result of this mindset. As such we have a bunch of people with MBA's who have no attachment to their cultural heritage.

emsy Virginia
06/20/11 10:54 pm

Hey aquamom- I learned basic math in the 1st grade, and I don't see how I'll need to know calculus for filmmaking, writing, or psychology.

06/20/11 9:21 pm

I agree with Eco and fishgirl! We do NOT need more military spending! We should spend more money on preserving culture and education!

06/20/11 8:11 pm

It's not the governments place to fund such things. They should be funded privately through charity.

06/20/11 7:53 pm

Yes, of course. Art is part of the general welfare. People who can't see that may not have enough art in their lives. We spend little on it. We should keep funding it.

RONPAUL12 Colorado
06/20/11 1:24 pm

We simply have to consult the Constitution or this answer, and it is NO. The federal government cannot cultivate these things as well as a local entities can. This is why it is not provided for in the Constitution.

06/20/11 11:38 am

Rather pay down the national debt.

06/20/11 7:48 am

If my state can give über bucks and incentives to sports stadiums and teams, they can at the very least provide the same for the more cultured members of society.

macarnage Florida
06/19/11 9:11 pm

Yes, it's one thing that can't be manufactured cheaper in china or the middle east.

06/19/11 7:49 pm

Government funding, yes to an extent. They should not control the content of the courses though.

06/19/11 6:09 pm

I'm with Eco. cut the military expenses. not education!

06/19/11 5:37 pm

I'm in a performing arts program- which is band- at my high school. I pay about $500 a year just to participate, and that's cheap. Other band programs in my county cost about $1200 a year. We could use all the help we could get, however people are more focused on painting the bathrooms.

Dyl Virginia
06/19/11 2:56 pm

They should provide it because of the musical arts to. it provides something fun if the kids want to do it, and can be useful later in life.

jjandrt21 Wisconsin
06/19/11 8:37 am

Not in this economy. When things are better then they can do so in moderation.

06/19/11 6:05 am

would you need to know more about art when getting a job? or more about math? pretty sure it has does have more "useful" importance in society than art...Everyone should know basic math, but not necessarily art.

06/19/11 4:41 am

Maybe the govt can sell a (or produce 1 less) fighter jet and a several million $$$ would be freed up to fund human creativity & expression... Which is more enriching for society?

ziggy Arkansas
06/19/11 3:47 am

Fund it with what, they're broke!

EnginE3r Texas
06/18/11 11:10 pm

No, use the money to directly stimulate the economy so the national debt can be paid.

emsy Virginia
06/18/11 11:09 pm

Also, I'm for the government leaving me alone/not wasting $. But stop acting like arts aren't important. The government spends money on trite things- why don't they give artsy kids in schools some opportunity?

emsy Virginia
06/18/11 11:03 pm

I hate it when the government shoves math down my throat but discourages philosophy, writing, and expression.

puwave Orange County, CA
06/18/11 10:53 pm

Art's as much an exercise in teaching critical thinking as math or for. lang. That's what school's #1 purpose is... As for "surviving privately" - the ques is asking about funding in schools, not a local theatre/museum... Using that argument we should cut science b/c drug comps are so successful.

06/18/11 10:48 pm

those are extra curricular courses, they are not necessary to fund during a time like this....take care of the most important things first, then focus on the "extra" things later...

06/18/11 10:13 pm

They should model schools in japan!

06/18/11 5:26 pm

The reason your school district is shutting down is because you live in Michigan, where democrat policies have destroyed everything. Where else would you finds boarded up skyscrapers in this country

06/18/11 5:24 pm

But Biden wants no cuts in the budget because the cowboy poetry festival might lose funding. Then all those poor cowboys won't get to express themselves through poetry... Give me a break! The federal governments only responsibly should be to protect it's people and it's borders

06/18/11 3:46 pm

Not while my school district is shutting schools down.

06/18/11 2:01 pm

Free expression is just that- free. You don't need to waste tax money perpetuating something that comes naturally. We have bigger things to worry about as a nation.

06/18/11 12:04 pm

It would be unthinkable to spend our tax money on art. I appreciate art but in the situation we are in we can't afford to give money to movies,artists,ect..

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/18/11 11:35 am

Its not like the arts would disappear if the government stopped funding them. Movies are technically considered the arts and they do just fine on private money. But even painting, sculpture, and theater don't "need" gov funds to survive, they will just have to be more aware of their marketability.

06/18/11 11:17 am

I wholeheartedly agree with MrTurtle and Dragauna - I'll also add in (being a Californian): if EVERYONE that took advantage of our education system contributed to the cost of the education system, our schools might not need to cut back AS much...

06/18/11 10:58 am

Right now schools are cutting back on even the basics, let alone extra things like sports and arts. If we weren't in such a tough time I'd agree with spending on arts, but right now we can't even afford it.

06/18/11 9:45 am

Well it doesn't say how much spending. I think even just a little bit would be nice, considering ever other place our money goes.