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Should public schools try to provide kids with resources that may be lacking due to poor parenting or other home struggles (hygiene, food, clothing, etc.), or focus purely on academics?

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04/24/12 5:08 am

I feel bad if there is a child who needs something but school is for learning and it would be better for the economy if it stays that way

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:41 am

people would stop taking care of their kids. why should a bad parent be rewarded and a good parent forced to pay for it (increased taxes)?! take about socialism. pay and support your own kids or dont have them!!!

04/19/12 8:31 pm

Good freakin question...

karib California
04/17/12 12:02 am

Maslows hierarchy of needs! Children won't be motivated to learn if they are worrying about their next meal, if they're going to get beat when they get if schools want to actually want children to learn what they teach, then yes, help develop the WHOLE child

kait546 Texas
04/16/12 3:05 pm

I come from a school where the poverty percent is 66% of the district. So, speaking from experience, it's harder for kids to concentrate on math or reading when they have to worry about feeding themselves. In order for kids to concentrate, schools need to provide kids with things other than academia

04/16/12 1:02 pm

ovcourse...what exactly is your point? All...please accept the fact...teachers deal with these types of things daily...whether you want to support it or not. It would be nice to be able to provide the BASICS without it coming out of our pocket!!!

04/16/12 8:19 am

This is a hard one, because someone should make sure kids have access to these things and work to rectify situations where kids don't, but there are other (albeit somewhat less effective) systems that handle this and with public schools as bad as they are we need to avoid diluting their purpose

04/16/12 7:41 am

here's a quarter use the damn pay phone.

ovcourse 8646 Bidenflation, CA
04/15/12 3:26 pm

And the US Postal Service should deliver free cell phones to those who can't afford them.

04/15/12 8:45 am

Kids who have problems at home often will not try hard in school, because they have personal things on their minds. So schools should try to help the kid out, but not to the point they're supporting the kid.

EnginE3r Texas
04/15/12 8:14 am

School is purely for education, any parent can tell you that they had to learn how to take care of their children through experience; if a parent doesn't know what to do they will find out or do what they think is best.

applestar Florida
04/15/12 7:30 am

funny... people don't want to help the children from less fortunate homes AND hold teachers accountable for things beyond their control. that's what's wrong with the education system.

04/15/12 6:55 am

not what I said at all mrken...just saying that they shouldn't be stigmatized for things over which they have no control. poor is poor...all kids here should have the basics to live and peruse happiness. that is our foundation...or am I mistaken?

04/15/12 4:59 am

Some of u guys just don't get it..

snafu Washington
04/14/12 10:52 pm

Schools are not supposed to care for your kids that way. If you're a bad parent who can't provide for that kid a)Stop having kids...seriously
b)Get your act together and be responsible for your kid and stop expecting the rest of us to do your job

04/14/12 12:14 pm

@rj1969, I'm not saying that certain children are not in need of help. I'm saying that you gotta call it what it is.

04/14/12 11:05 am

Mrmc, it's called the GI bill. The military personnel ur talking about are already taken care of, as they should be.

04/14/12 10:41 am

I love the dream act. Why not have a pathway to citizenship for kids who came here and have joined the military as adults or gone to college.

04/14/12 10:34 am

Kyto, wrong! Both deal with education and spending. How can you not consider both together? The liberal agenda is at odds with itself and the tax payers/everyone gets screwed in the end. It's obvious to all but the liberal who just wants to spend everyone else's money

04/14/12 10:28 am

@mrken. I think we're getting into larger issues that need a new poll question. :)

Is gov't spending evil?
Are taxes immoral?
Is immigration good for the US?
Am I over this Tea Party crap?

04/14/12 10:02 am

Fteach, so let me guess, you're ok with the dream act giving away 10s of millions to illegals for college, while our own children go to school hungry!!

04/14/12 9:54 am

It seems to me that if we can send our tax dollars overseas in aid programs and we continue to subsidize big oil we might want to reconsider how we treat people who make it here despite the odds. After all they want nothing more for their their family than we want for ours!

04/14/12 9:52 am

travn ... thanks! it should be blatantly obvious that if you are hungry, ostracized, or sick you will be unable to succeed in academics. Children have no control over their circumstances.

04/14/12 9:06 am

Mamita/fossilman, do u not read the news! Dream Act pays 33 mil for ILLEGALS just in cali alone, and Fast and Furious operation allowed thousands of guns to reach the MEXICAN cartels. Truth hurts the ignorant idiots like u guys, so u just call everyone racist. People like u destroy this country!

AGC246 Florida
04/14/12 7:34 am

...parents who are genuinely struggling & want a better life for their kids... We already have many programs to help w/their needs. I want 2be able to help everybody, especially the kids bc they didn't choose their parents... But we have to be logical & try not to push ourselves into further debt.

AGC246 Florida
04/14/12 7:31 am

This is always a tough question... Kids don't have a choice about what kind of bad decisions their parents may make, so I instantly want to make sure that they're cared for... But the hard truth is that we're a country in massive debt! And that programs to help kids w/ neglectful families or...

04/14/12 7:23 am

You people who say no are heartless and stupid. Kids don't choose their parents and you can't learn when your basic needs are met. These kids will likely end up thieves if they can't get the education they need to get a job and then you'll be supporting them for the rest of their lives in prison.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/14/12 5:46 am

Hard to focus on your studies when you're starving.

04/14/12 5:35 am

Haven't read all past comments but surely a teacher has brought up Maslow's hierarchy of needs. If the other needs aren't met, you can forget trying to teach them anything.

04/14/12 12:15 am

We stopped free breakfast/lunch in my town because the "poor" people were complaining about the quality and variety of the food! So now the parents have to pay for it themselves along with their big screen televisions and smart phones. Life sucks for them.

04/13/12 10:55 pm

we already do that at my school

mamita Alabama
04/13/12 10:52 pm

Vxscop1 comment is why we need better education. Too many ignorant people in this country.

tcotco10 California
04/13/12 10:14 pm

Schools should stay out of other things. They're already knee deep in things they shouldn't be, and they don't need to sink farther in.

tcotco10 California
04/13/12 10:13 pm

Well fossil man, deal with it. He does speak some truth.

fossilman Youngstown, Ohio
04/13/12 9:30 pm

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

fossilman Youngstown, Ohio
04/13/12 9:28 pm

@Vxscop that didn't come off as racist at all...

04/13/12 8:51 pm

Somehow parenting skills must be a required course prior to graduating high school.

04/13/12 8:41 pm

these kids that are not taken care of just become problems to society Later in life. be proactive then reactive. would you rather educate them in school or prison? same concepts with puppies being easier to train than adult dogs

04/13/12 8:05 pm

A little of both. Reduced price meals, access to donated clothes, and access to a shower facility are little things that help a lot. That being said, the parents have to raise their kid at the end of the day.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 8:00 pm

gunny. so is putting 'resources' into incarcerating people better than education and support? $45k per year per that better than dealing with it before it is a problem?

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 7:58 pm

seriously, just look at Vxscop. this is America. stupid, stupid, stupid! mathematically illiterate. no understanding of numbers at all. it's the illegals though! damn brown people!

04/13/12 7:40 pm

Where do you think the "resources" come from? The "resource fairy"?

Vxscop In the TARDIS
04/13/12 7:15 pm

were 17trillion in debt, paying for college for illegals, and giving guns to mexicans. Is this really what schools should spend taxpayer money on instead of say education?

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 7:07 pm

no,public schools are schools, not taxpayers, just like serving military are not taxpayers.

04/13/12 7:05 pm

Bull crap and deceiving question. Replace "public schools" with "taxpayers", and replace "resources" with ":taxpayers money", and you have an accurate, truthful question.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:52 pm

just a kid in biblical days was called a man. by now he would have been an integral part of the hierarchy. I am stoked to see the involvement, the intelligence, the insight, and the hope for the future from our younger participants. you should too.....old fart.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:50 pm

landoffree..."veritas, who's just a kid". yeah, a really smart, mature kid. far more insightful than most here. sorry, I know the truth hurts.

latebird SOH Bunker
04/13/12 6:44 pm

All needs but with a gifts emphasis on education

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:32 pm

WWJD?.....probably fuck the poor and the needy. the bible is pretty clear about that.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:30 pm

screw poor kids, abused kids, and families with problems. if we all just ignore the fact they exist, inflight of my higher ideals, they will all just magically go away.