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KingKellan moderate republican
06/13/17 7:28 pm

Funny republicans like the red background more and democrats like the blue background more

RussianThunder Russia and USA
06/12/17 8:36 pm

Again, not a question but for @susanr I am still in Alaska lol.

So, it's odd but no map and I'm getting counted as an Alaska vote I think....I'm not sure because I can't see the map to know if my vote is going to Alaska of Illinois. If it's Alaska, that would be funny. The admins saying to each other "Hey George, what going on in Alaska. We are getting a lot of votes from there?" "I don't know Bob, maybe the snow is melting and no one wants to be outside or something" lol lol.

susanr Colorado
06/12/17 9:25 pm


There are no votes from Alaska on this poll, or your other poll with screenshots of the Results page.

You do have 1 vote from Alaska on your text poll about the map problem, but there are also some other recent polls you've made that have 1 vote from Alaska. You probably have 1 follower from Alaska.

Since the demographic information in your SOH shows you as being in Illinois, I think your vote is really being registered in Illinois, and it's just the display that is incorrect. If it makes you feel more confident, though, you could go back and re-vote on any of the polls you voted on when the map was missing.