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VCBreakingNews June 12th, 2017 8:55pm

MrJonahSmith drops out of race due to personal reasons. He has no endorsements to make at this time

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06/12/17 4:04 pm

It's too late for anyone else to join the race right?

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
06/12/17 4:10 pm

You could possibly do a write-in campaign.

skinner Wisconsin
06/12/17 3:11 pm

I want to thank @MrJonahSmith for waging a worthy campaign and for his long record of distinguished service to our virtual community.

We are already tied for the largest party in the Virtual Congress. Let's redouble our efforts and dominate the right-wing! I want to begin work on a party platform as soon as tomorrow and begin laying down the fundamental principles that will govern our party. It is my hope that this manifesto will have broad input from all Conservatives and will reassure everyone that we are on the same team. I understand not every Conservative appointed my candidacy, but I can promise you this. I will strive to represent all of you to the best of my ability as your chairman, including those with whom I disagree on certain issues.

mowhake Washington State
06/12/17 3:18 pm

Amen brother!

hokiejac Decatur, GA
06/12/17 2:31 pm

Hmmmm. Personal reasons. Wonder what those might be. First the speakership and now this. Curious.

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
06/12/17 2:40 pm

What are you trying to say?

hokiejac Decatur, GA
06/13/17 4:43 pm

I've said what I meant. Noted his surprise abandonment of speaker and now party leader. "Personal reasons" are usually BS to cover up something so I wonder what that something is. That's all

Kamden popular revolt
06/12/17 2:24 pm

I was excited that Jonah could take the torch of the Conservative party and make is absolutely available to all conservatives. Unfortunately it seems it will be Republican Party Part 2...

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
06/12/17 2:33 pm

I promise that it will still remain the same even when @Skinner wins. Hopefully he will also let me remain as deputy chairperson.

skinner Wisconsin
06/12/17 3:14 pm

Kamden: I assure you that this party will always remain open to conservative voices. Even if I'm more moderate than you; I'm just as committed to our conservative movement as you are.

MrAmerica, I would be happy to let you remain on as deputy, particularly if it reassures the members who, like yourself, supported my worthy opponent.

06/12/17 2:23 pm

Skinner is now the face of the conservatives

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
06/12/17 2:07 pm

@MrJonahSmith did you post this poll?