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RealPolling June 10th, 2017 11:16pm

Should a woman pay for dinner on a date?

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jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
06/12/17 5:23 am

There is no "should," really. It's up to the preference of the folks on the date.

miken65 Florida
06/12/17 5:06 am

I always thought it was fair to split it between the both of us and go half and half.

Finny Conservative Lesbian
06/12/17 4:23 am

It should be discussed between the two people. Personally, I rather pay for a date, but that's not everyone; man or woman. Whatever they work out should be fine because then the bills getting paid.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
06/10/17 6:06 pm

Yes.....if both diners are women.....

EarlyBird Portland
06/10/17 5:43 pm

Whoever asked for the date, should pay.

JackQHu Durham, NC
06/10/17 4:57 pm

It's more of a choice, just like men paying should be a choice.