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Show Of Hands February 9th, 2013 12:00am

Should high school seniors choosing a college try to attend the best school that accepts them, regardless of its cost, or go with a lesser quality school if it means taking fewer student loans?

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02/16/13 4:33 pm

I'm smart enough to realize who the real morons are.

02/15/13 10:04 pm

those are two complete opposites

taboo Louisiana
02/12/13 10:43 pm

happy medium in there somewhere

kaybird007 earth
02/12/13 10:40 pm

If you go to a better school, you get a better job, you can pay it off.

02/11/13 11:19 pm

It's usually obvious which way people vote, but, in the instances when it's not, this would be nice.

02/11/13 7:45 pm

I am a senior and paying for college myself. I can't afford to go to "prestigious schools"

02/11/13 7:44 pm

EarlyBird, how is it the complete opposite? You're saying the lesser school will open more doors nowadays?

02/11/13 7:32 pm

Not sure why so many people think it 'doesn't matter at all' where your undergraduate degree comes from. There are many factors to consider when picking a school, but at the end of the day having Stanford on your résumé is going to open up WAY more doors than some random community college.

02/11/13 7:23 pm

Not experience? If you didn't learn anything in college you likely went to a terrible one. Doesn't sound like ya did though.

02/11/13 6:50 pm

go to a JC for 101 and 201 classes then go to the better college for major. as long as credits tranfer, it doesnt matter where you started..just where you finish.

devinn Findlay, Ohio
02/11/13 5:37 pm

I couldn't afford a nice university with the little loans I can take out and no parents help. Soo community college it is for me..

Rosebud Ohio
02/11/13 1:31 pm

Fewer loans then transfer to a better school. It's the smarter plan. Debt sucks

02/11/13 7:25 am

You can get a diploma from a community college as well. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you got your diploma from and what it says on your résumé. It matters how well you perform at your job

02/11/13 7:15 am

The price is also for the prestige of the school as they back you with a diploma...

02/11/13 7:12 am

One of my high school teachers told me that he had a friend that was a professor at both Yale and a community college and he said that he taught the same exact lesson in the same exact way at both schools. Clearly, price doesn't matter as much as people think

02/10/13 11:33 pm

Trick question. I used to be an admission counselor, and out of the 2,000+ universities in the US, any student can find the right school at the right cost. If students are admitted to the "perfect" school but can't afford it, then it's not their best-fit school.

02/10/13 9:19 pm

This is the type of attitude that leads to a life full of debt and will end up with me having to pay their retirement

02/10/13 8:38 pm

And being someone thats gone through it my advice is paying off a ton of debt on a nicer school isnt worth it.

grizzy Kansas
02/10/13 6:50 pm

It depends on the student I can't choose for everyone

02/10/13 6:47 pm

Go for the better school. If a great school excepts you, than that means that they want you To go their school. So they'll probably give you many scholarships to attend it.

RayX quit
02/10/13 6:42 pm

Only government makes student loans. They discriminate openly while feeding the universities with a non competitive and unlimited market. You think it's fraud? I don't know but I do know there are more effective ways to learn.

LucentInsanity Seattle
02/10/13 6:36 pm

We don't. I will always hire a hospital employee that has a 3.75 at UW than a even a 3.4 at Yale. The only ones I ever look at the school for are doctors. Before I started working as an Exec. I owned a business as a career planner & recruiter & none of my clients cared about the name of the school.

02/10/13 6:00 pm

All a big fraud.

RayX quit
02/10/13 5:46 pm

I know a young lady that got a degree in interior design from an art institute. She has a $100,000 student loan. They may teach good interior design but I don't think they teach economics. She gave up years of her life in study and now will work for years to pay off the debt. It's her life but

02/10/13 5:34 pm

Most kids that want to go to an expensive school have a particular plan in mind. If the student has done his homework and still feels that's the best place, he should go there. There are tons of scholarships to those who work hard to get them.

02/10/13 5:31 pm

If an employer cares about your GPA they will definitely think a 3.2 at Yale is better than a 3.75 at a state university.

02/10/13 4:16 pm

The better school depends on area of study. For grad or med school or a highly competitive, in demand field, the more prestigious school. For all others save some money & SAT score stressing by doing general ed at a community college, than transfer to an in-state school for the residency price break

02/10/13 4:04 pm

This shouldn't even be a question. This scenario degrades me pride in this country. Education is becoming a profiting luxury in this country. Truly pathetic.

02/10/13 2:06 pm

As an engineer, chances are you'll find a job anyway as long as you have co-op or intern experience (which isn't hard to find)
I say this as an engineering major who chose a state school. Just make sure the school has accreditations like ABET

dabrat East Coast
02/10/13 1:45 pm

Funny you should ask because Junior is in this position right now. He'll probably go to the local state university which is not that inexpensive but a great school. Responses still coming in from his selections. So far, he's 2 for 2 with 5 more to come.

02/10/13 11:27 am

The price of access. Not experience. I get that docs and surgeons and engineers. But for the most part it's a racket A huge racket

LucentInsanity Seattle
02/10/13 11:05 am

Debt is BAD!! No car loans, student loans, HELOCs, personal loans, advances! If you MUST get a student loan, as little as possible. Most employers don't look at the school you went to, a 3.75 at a state university is better than a 3.2 at Yale.

02/10/13 10:36 am

Not at all, an Ivy League degree is harder to get as it is more selective. Yes there are plenty of schools that cost more than an Ivy League. And yes there are non ivy schools that are just as good

02/10/13 10:16 am

go to a local community college for the first 2 years then go to the expensive college for your degree (unless you're like really smart and you got excepted to Yale or Harvard and you're going to be a great scientist or doctor etc)

bigeraiderfan1 McKinney. TX
02/10/13 10:11 am

For the first 2 years the classes are the same just the cost is different

38041 Georgia
02/10/13 10:06 am

10-15 years ago, I would have said go for the best school. Now, with 15k of student loans (not counting the 12k for grad school), I have to say go cheap. You can have a great college experience at almost any state school. Don't bury yourself in debt before you even begin your adult life.

38041 Georgia
02/10/13 10:02 am

@pcfz An Ivy League degree isn't necessarily harder to get. It's just more expensive, and there are plenty of Yale and Harvard grads who are unemployed right now.

02/10/13 9:47 am

You can't bring the money with you once you die, don't say no to your dream school if money is the only issue... Choose what makes YOU happy

02/10/13 9:35 am

Many fields require bachelor degree or better. College is the price of access.

02/10/13 9:28 am

College is a $$$$$cam for $$$$uckers. I love the people that pay for four years of school and then do an internship. Are you not aware of the fool you are being played for. Holy guacamole people.

02/10/13 9:28 am

Yeah and EVERYBODY goes to an Ivy League school. It's not JUST Ivy League vs non Ivy League. I know plenty of schools that are expensive but do not have the recognition of an Ivy League school. Let me guess, your under 21 years old

BladeNut MA
02/10/13 8:12 am

the better school will often pat more need though…

02/10/13 7:59 am

I'm glad my state has a good public university system. Many students from the north want to come here since out of state tuition at the UNC system is less than the in state tuition at their schools.

02/10/13 7:52 am

No one is going to take advice filled with several spelling and grammatical errors.

02/10/13 7:37 am

As wisely said by dont want a profile. If you go out of the country you can get a good education (perhaps better) for a lot less. Lets say $10,000

02/10/13 7:36 am

I'm sure that's what you said when you were 18.