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Mark3 June 8th, 2017 1:17pm

Interesting info from NASA before BO weaponized it.

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06/14/17 2:16 pm

So what's in store, more warming or global cooling?

We don't know yet but the predictions are tilting toward global cooling.

06/08/17 8:03 am

(A lot of people don't want to address this.)

06/08/17 7:20 am

If this is the precursor to global cooling, then we are in for trouble.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
06/08/17 6:32 am

Obama weaponized NASA? WTF?

06/08/17 6:43 am

Omit the first question mark and I agree with your post.

06/08/17 6:20 am

Notice their prediction of our current solar cycle was way off. They predicted it to be normal. It isn't. The sunspot decrease started earlier than they thought meaning we have more cosmic rays=more cloud cover already with even more to come.