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JayReddington June 7th, 2017 11:16pm

What's your Meyers Briggs Type? Answer by liking in comments...

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UniversePlan Michigan
06/07/17 8:51 pm

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DonWichita Kansas
06/07/17 5:41 pm

I = Introverted 79%
S= Observant 56%
T= Thinking 64%
J= Judging 75%

A= Assertive 69%

Finny Conservative Lesbian
06/07/17 4:29 pm

I find the concept interesting. Based off of cognitive functions though it kiersey.

Haven't figured mine but I believe IxxP

Kamden popular revolt
06/07/17 4:38 pm

Oh wow I totally didn't realize all the comments were from you...