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Show Of Hands February 8th, 2013 12:00am

Do you always use turn signals when changing lanes?

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Mingkos Texas
02/14/13 6:34 pm

you don't use your turn signal... then.......................I HATE you!!!!!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
02/12/13 7:41 pm

Every freaking time. Morons that don't deserve a larger ticket than the one the speeders get.

02/12/13 12:56 pm

I dont always use my turn signal

but when i do i make sure to turn it off

02/11/13 6:16 pm

How about the ones that compliment no signal with no lights in dark rainy conditions; idiots.

02/11/13 6:27 am

I also don't use it if I'm in a turning lane. I'm pretty sure people know my intention there.

02/11/13 6:26 am

Always is a pretty bold statement. I hate when people cut in front of me without signaling, but if there isn't anyone around me I don't use my turn signal, especially if the weather is bad and I don't want to adjust my hands.

02/10/13 6:59 pm

I don't know about all the states but I do know people in New England are lying or exaggerating the truth. If it was 74% no and 26% yes, I might it was possible but still with some skepticism. RI, CT and MA rarely use them.

pvtliberal Ohio
02/10/13 6:32 pm

To 28% of Americans:
Fuck you.

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
02/10/13 5:37 pm

If I don't signal and someone hits me doesn't that make it my fault because they couldn't tell I was coming and because I misjudged how close they were to me?

therivkid State of Confusion
02/10/13 5:18 pm

I like how older people like to criticize younger drivers, but this poll makes the young'ns look like the safer ones.

02/10/13 3:00 pm

I call Bull $hit on all yall

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/10/13 8:57 am

so is patience. thank goodness I have a lot of it when other people don't follow the rules.

02/10/13 8:13 am

I agree but those corrupt assholes will just say you didn't if they want to stop you. They follow you long enough until you do "something". Don't wait five seconds at the stop sign? $100. Don't use your signal a full 100 ft before the turn? $90. Armed fundraisers for the state.

02/10/13 5:07 am

There are so many liars on this poll. I've been cut off or stuck in lane by too many ppl not using a turn signal or ignoring mine.

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:53 am

I'm out...a lot of minimizing on this poll. It's a turn signal, not the church collection basket!

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:51 am

Thank u Huey! Lyin mofos! I admitted that I don't. Honesty is a virtue. =)

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:47 am

Yes. because we all know that the majority of US accidents r failure to signal. HA!

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:45 am

The only thing that bugs me is when ppl don't wave when u let them over. Can I get some reciprocity?!?!

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:44 am

Not ALWAYS, but enough. And there is no way in hell the 1 state that barely even has roads does! KMT. This is net, u can be honest.

8ESBABY Houston
02/10/13 4:40 am

KMT. I guess that explains why MEN pay more for insurance?!?!?

02/09/13 9:45 pm

Well I mean...a woman driver IS a bad one

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/09/13 9:41 pm

I have never been in an accident that was my fault. I pay attention to what I am doing while operating a motor vehicle.

optocon Orange County
02/09/13 7:15 pm

Asian female driver here. I always use my signals. But then I forget about it and drive for miles with it on.

chaseb Texas
02/09/13 6:20 pm

Until you can control your emotions on the road drive in a parking lot you must

chaseb Texas
02/09/13 6:18 pm

There's a lot of idiots here

Kelstervb Virginia
02/09/13 6:09 pm

Always in traffic. But if no one is around, I dont see the point in it.

DrJohnny IPhone
02/09/13 5:50 pm

And I despise those who don't!

commonsense America isnt racist
02/09/13 5:15 pm

They don't cut me off. But I just consider it rude.

eddiej Virginia
02/09/13 5:11 pm

thank you country :-)

02/09/13 4:56 pm

Yeah, they float about the lanes, no directional, and then the fools signal when they get to a right turn or similar full stop, they really believe it is a turn signal rather than understanding it is a "directional"

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/09/13 4:53 pm

It indicates your intentions not your demands.

02/09/13 4:49 pm

I remember the driver, in Texas who angrily cut back in front of a women, he clipped her bumper sending her car sideways and rolling or tumbling, she and her child where killed, he went to prison.

02/09/13 4:45 pm

One can not assume they can see everything on the road, signaling show that you are a responsible driver and your moves are predictable.

02/09/13 4:41 pm

it is in fact a directional more than a signal.
To not use them is to assume you know everything happening 360 degrees around you, which nobody does.
Some haphazardly float across lanes w/o indicating and then signal at a stop sign or light, just clueless

chaseb Texas
02/09/13 4:29 pm

Sounds petty to me unless they cut you off

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
02/09/13 4:25 pm

Even though it is a law.....ALWAYS. Sometimes (usually) even in parking lots.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
02/09/13 4:23 pm

WE AGREEE. I knew it would happen someday.

02/09/13 3:30 pm

I don't think you are eddie.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/09/13 3:29 pm

Sometimes I am that fast driver you curse. Most of the time I like to put on my indicator to warn and then move over slow enough to allow evasive action.

02/09/13 3:25 pm

I answered no because when there's no one around there's really no point. In traffic yes.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/09/13 2:47 pm

ALWAYS! Even when no one's around. Bugs the piss outta me when people don't.

02/09/13 2:43 pm

I try to use my signal every time, even if no one is around. It's a safe habit.

kenimini The Dreamer
02/09/13 1:44 pm

Yea coz its safe

eddiej Virginia
02/09/13 1:23 pm

the purpose of them is to let others know your intentions so there aren't any surprises that can lead to, if there is no one around me to warn, then there's no need for my blinker.... I don't think I'm a jerk for that...

eddiej Virginia
02/09/13 1:17 pm

not when there's no one near me...