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06/06/17 10:47 pm

Gotta happen

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/06/17 10:11 pm

When Sessions jumps, the lesser rats will certainly try to flee the ship as well, if there is time enough left before it sinks.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
06/06/17 7:22 pm

I can't even keep up anymore, everyday is more insane. Let's alone we have the Qatar kerfuffle....where it appears that Trump is either in cahoots w Russia or duped by them. The Trumps pilfered hundreds of thousands from their bogus cancer charity. Comey. Sessions wants to quit. Dinner w Marco. PAC attack ads against Comey. Trumps tweets are official policy. Kushner is more popular than he's jealous. The Saudis spent $260k at a Trump hotel a few weeks back. The Saudi arms deal is fake news. Trump 'signed' a bunch of fake docs for a photo op about infrastructure. This is all in ONE DAY. What did I miss? 8 years ago we were mad because BO wore a tan suit. Seems quaint doesn't it? How far are Republicans willing to let this sham parade continue?

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 7:29 pm

If I could like your comment again, I would! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

PamGH Washington
06/06/17 7:18 pm

No but the walls are crumbling

Bobnpt The Ocean State
06/06/17 7:06 pm

Ha ha ha. Great job Artie. You got all the Cheatos tRumps all stirred up tonight. Is this what you do to relax before bed. Thanks for the yucks.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 7:10 pm

Appreciate the kudos! They're already stirred up. Comey.

Xemanis Lawful Good
06/06/17 6:24 pm

You keep saying that yet there hasn't been anything to suggest it.

06/06/17 6:21 pm

'Sean spicer will be gone by the end of april' -libartie

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 6:23 pm

I'll bet he wishes I was right. BTW, are you a professional troll? If you can prove I said that, then you are.

06/06/17 6:40 pm

Show of Hands: Sean Spicer won't last through April.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 6:42 pm

Mazel tov. You're a troll! πŸŽ‰

06/06/17 6:46 pm

πŸ₯‡thank you for this honor

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 6:49 pm

It's not an honor you know.

dawl adulting
06/06/17 5:59 pm

Cue the broflakes "fake news" defense.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 6:02 pm

Nervous? How did you know this was a political poll?

dawl adulting
06/06/17 6:05 pm

I'm not nervous and I'm guessing it's a political poll...just waiting on the nectarine nitwits latest twitter rant. 🍿

dawl adulting
06/06/17 6:18 pm

I don't understand why you think I would be nervous?

LibArtie SW Connecticut
06/06/17 6:20 pm

You don't understand very much at all.

skinner Wisconsin
06/06/17 5:43 pm

You've been saying that for months

Axl752 NY
06/06/17 5:45 pm

It's been true for months.