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gluxford1 June 6th, 2017 10:26pm

In general, do you think that the United States should take in more, less, or the same amount of immigrants that it currently takes in each year?

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06/09/17 7:05 am

Same but with stricter vetting. We need to eliminate all illegals from entry

abusara i drink and i know things
06/06/17 6:59 pm

I said less in solidarity with all the conservative snowflakes...and to piss off all the liberal snowflakes 😂😂😂

06/06/17 6:10 pm

Less or none,

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
06/06/17 4:57 pm

It's awkward for me to answer this as an anarchist but I guess I can devil's advocate. I'd say I generally want more immigrants and less deportations, contrary to the bipartisan support for tight immigration laws over the past few decades. Finding should definitely be increased for immigration courts, and I'd be open to providing English and possibly Spanish lessons for immigrants who speak neither language. This idea's a bit out there, but since immigration courts here are incredibly backed up, it might make sense to prioritize immigrants in relevant fields to alleviate that stress.

PointB Libertarian Centrist
06/06/17 4:54 pm

Use the money we use to help immigrants on helping the immigrants' countries so they won't need to emigrate.

Cole12 ...
06/06/17 4:41 pm

As many as possible.

jhfahfkdshf California
06/06/17 4:21 pm

Immigrants are great for our economy over the long term. We have an aging native-born population, and we need immigrants, who tend to have more children than native-born adults do, to balance it out. Besides, I love living in a multicultural society. It's great!

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 4:30 pm

1. Immigrants are a drain on the economy because most of them are low-skilled workers who live off of welfare. Their neighborhoods are typically impoverished and crime-ridden. They are not the "best and brightest".
2. We are the most powerful country in the world, so no, we do not "need" immigrants. And we are already overpopulated as it is.
3. Multiculturalism is great if you like identity politics, division, disloyalty, and anti-Americanism. If you like unity, patriotism, and prosperity, then assimilation is the way to go. Immigration without assimilation is an invasion, which is why every president from Washington until LBJ was opposed to multiculturalism. It is an Allinsky-style anti-American invention of the 60's that leftists routinely use for a "divide and conquer" strategy for winning elections and gaining power.

jhfahfkdshf California
06/06/17 4:44 pm

You're right that many immigrants are low-income and reliant on welfare when they first get here. But they tend to have a lot of children, who also tend to have a lot of children. And those children and grandchildren often receive a college education and work in fields that require more skills/education. They're middle class, so they have more disposable income to spread around, which improves the economy. We have a powerful economy now, yes, but all Western nations face again populations, which will become a drag on economic growth in the future. We can combat this by increasing immigration.

I don't know anything about invasions or Saul Alinsky. Sounds a bit tin foil hat-ty to me. I just like being able to eat at ethnic restaurants and get to know people who come from a variety of backgrounds. I don't feel threatened or under invasion by any group of people.

I don't know anything about

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 5:15 pm

The welfare system should not be burdened with caring for multitudes of third-worlders who can't afford to feed their own children, nor should we be taking in any immigrants who can't support themselves. The welfare system was created and designed to serve the needs of the American poor, not the foreign poor. It takes money that could be better used elsewhere and gives it to people who don't deserve it. The children of these immigrants often do not assimilate either and do not rise to the middle class. In fact, they often grow to hate America (I've seen this sentiment first-hand in the heavily-immigrant California town where I attended high school). We do not need increased immigration because we do not need more people. As I said before, our nation is overpopulated.

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 5:18 pm

Lack of assimilation among immigrants and multiculturalism both lead to the erosion, displacement, and ultimate destruction of the host country's culture. So yes, it is an invasion. The only way to stop it is through reduced (or preferably halted) immigration and assimilation into U.S. culture.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
06/06/17 6:58 pm

Stratus your only goal from this policy is to have Non-Whites have many times more children than Whites ultimately transforming the demographics permanently.

Promoting Real Americans to have more children would achieve that result of a workforce much better while maintaining our culture.

jhfahfkdshf California
06/06/17 7:02 pm

Hi LegionOfTruth,

That's not my goal, but it's true that I'm not bothered by white people having children with non-white people. (Case in point: my girlfriend is not white.) The goal of my argument was to outline why immigrants help the economy, rather than hurt it, over the long term.

jhfahfkdshf California
06/06/17 7:08 pm

Also, I agree with you that we should promote native-born Americans to have children. But how can we go about doing that? I'm genuinely not sure.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
06/06/17 7:18 pm

You can encourage more White children by creating economic incentives such as tax breaks or land rewards for families with high quality genes. This means high IQ, lack of hereditary disease, and most importantly genetically European to continue the ancestral lineage of our race.

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 7:25 pm

Legion, why do you bring race into everything? Skin color does not determine if someone is American or not. Culture and allegiance do.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
06/06/17 7:55 pm

Race is real and very much tied to genetic success, affinity to Western Culture, and will not go away.
Replacing our English, German, and other European stock with Somalians and Zimbabweans isn't going to get us anywhere but crime and Chaos.

White children deserve a homeland and turning a blind eye to race endangers that.

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 8:39 pm

On the contrary. Race and culture are two separate things. France, Germany, and the United States are all majority-white countries, but they each have their own distinctly different national cultures. Zimbabwe, Jamaica, and Nigeria are all majority-black, but they don't have the same culture. Mexico, Cuba, and Brazil are all majority-Hispanic, but they don't have the same culture either. Culture is tied to nationality, not race.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
06/06/17 8:53 pm

Repeating yourself won't change that reality. All the countries you listed share many qualities with each other by race and go exactly to prove the argument at hand: There is an underlying quality to Western Civilization that can only be produced with a majority White populace. We admire Roman law, have an average IQ above 100, and appreciate European history.

All the Black countries you named are failed crime ridden states. They care about African culture and history because that is their genetic heritage. This biological bedrock ultimately carries on generation after generation.

DexNav Location
06/07/17 10:44 pm

Immigration is fine. To say it should be decreased is literally anti-immigration.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
06/06/17 4:12 pm

Zero Non-White immigration.

DexNav Location
06/07/17 12:35 pm

Zero Nazi immigration.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/06/17 4:02 pm

It should be based the demand for their skills, so I can't say for sure. Whether that's more or less, so be it

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
06/06/17 3:33 pm

Much less. We don't need to increase our population

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 3:29 pm

Much, much less. In fact, I would prefer that we implement a 50-year moratorium on all immigration to the United States so that the immigrants who are already here have more time to assimilate into U.S. culture and rise to the middle class.

jarod California
06/06/17 3:29 pm

I second this

gluxford1 Arizona
06/06/17 3:29 pm

I agree wholeheartedly.