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MJSeals June 6th, 2017 10:20pm

Were you aware that today US backed forced began an assault on the ISIS capital of Raqqa?

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mcable Lost in Translation
06/07/17 5:32 am

I have been following this closely at (works well on laptops and computers, not so much on phones) It's fascinating.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
06/06/17 5:00 pm

I can already hear Turkey complaining that we're supporting the Kurds.

abusara i drink and i know things
06/06/17 7:00 pm

Dude they been complaining about that for years 😂😂😂

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
06/06/17 7:39 pm

Um no, usually the US has backed Turkey in their antagonisms with the Kurds.

skinner Wisconsin
06/06/17 3:50 pm

Yes, thank you, Syrian Democratic Forces! With any luck we will soon capture the capital of داعش

06/06/17 3:30 pm

You mean the Kurds right? Those people are the real heroes in this fight.

MJSeals J.D.
06/06/17 3:34 pm

I do hope you voted no. This assault is planned, directed, executed and led by the US. That's why we selected DDay to attack

06/06/17 3:36 pm

Agreed. I hope the Kurds get independence. They've done more to stop Daesh than any other group and get little, to no credit.

MJSeals J.D.
06/06/17 3:39 pm

No doubt they've done a lot, but this attack isn't theirs. We've sent a thousand troops into Syria in March and this particular attack Kurds required the US to lead. They've been waiting months for this attack for US support. A lot should say undeniably the most screen is too cracked to edit

06/06/17 3:40 pm

We have influence with planning and coordinating airstrikes, but it's their land and their soldiers are nearly all of the ground troops. There may be some special operations US soldiers as well.

06/06/17 3:43 pm

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the Kurds have been taking the surrounding villages for months now and have just been waiting on military aid to push into the city.

06/06/17 3:46 pm

I don't know of the details. They may have waited for the US, I wouldn't blame them. All I know is that the Kurds are a very large part of this fight in Raqqa. I've been using this site for a while now. Very fascinating.

skinner Wisconsin
06/06/17 3:54 pm

MJ: I think you're wrong to discredit the role of the Kurds in this operation. Sure, the United States is supporting with airstrikes and has soldiers outside of the most dangerous areas who are raining down artillery fire on Daesh positions, but the Kurds are the ones actually dying for this critical mission.

rons screw politicians
06/06/17 6:12 pm

Weren't the Kurds the ones that saved the Christians from genocide by ISIS on a mountain in Iraq?

MJSeals J.D.
06/06/17 6:39 pm

At no point did I discredit the Kurds. Next time read. I'm giving the US the full credit they also Deserve for this attack was mentioned once in 9 hours of media coverage by CNN and 3 times in a 12 hour period by fox. By my last sentence I made myself clear. Hyperbole belongs else were. USA soldiers are dying as well and people don't even know, let alone recognize, this.

skinner Wisconsin
06/07/17 4:44 am

MJ: I'm not aware of any Americans serving in a combat role in Raqqa unless you are privy to information beyond open source material.

You kind of did discredit the Kurds. You said that this isn't their attack and that the anyone who believes it is their attack is so misinformed that they deserve to be dismissed. Let me replay how I got that feeling.

PIPES: "You mean the Kurds right?"

MJSEALS: I do hope you voted no [I was unaware of the operation to liberate Raqqa]

MJSEALS: "No doubt they've [the SDF] done a lot, but this attack isn't theirs"

MJSeals J.D.
06/07/17 8:54 pm

You selected to take liberty with that statement, but again - I'm do have any other knowledge expect the 400 troops New Your times announced were being sent in March, or Lt. Gen. Townsend's press comments or basically anything that went on yesterday.

This just highlights people did not pay attention because - yes - you actually needed to seek this out and I stand by the fact that if this was not US directed it would not be happening.

skinner Wisconsin
06/08/17 5:37 am

I don't think I took any liberties with that statement.

I'm well aware of the US troops who have been sent to Syria to support the Kurdish offensive, and I've reported on that in my polls. As much as I appreciate that the US has intervened on behalf of the Kurds; I think it is altogether haughty and jingoistic to overestimate what America has done and underestimate what the Kurds have done. The Kurds are the ones who fought the way back from the siege of Kobani, the Kurds are the ones who survived Turkish airstrikes, and the Kurds are the ones who have done the dangerous grunt work of clearing Daesh infested cities. The US, by contrast, has launched some airstrikes and only recently begun arming the SDF or sending in substantial numbers of troops to serve far away from the battlefield.

I love our country, but this operation would have happened with or without us. I'm just glad we are getting on board.