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trav June 5th, 2017 10:38pm

Are you afraid of the automation revolution that may take your job and make everything cheaper?

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Isomax TIC TOC
06/06/17 8:35 am

It will be interesting when they automate retirement .

06/05/17 9:01 pm

Makes nothing cheaper, just increases production and boosts the economy. Nobody knows how to lower prices unless theyre too high.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/06/17 6:15 am

In the late 19th century, early 20th, Sears made things cheaper for the consumer. In the 1960s-1990s Wal-Mart made things even cheaper for everyone.

Right now Uber pays their drivers 80% of the rider's fee. Uber will charge less for their driverless cars because they have to compete with other companies doing the same thing.

06/06/17 6:17 am

Except nobody is competing with Uber except taxi companies. Bad example.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/06/17 6:28 am

Never heard of Lyft? There are other companies too.

06/06/17 6:29 am

They use the same drivers.

06/06/17 6:30 am

Get both apps and youll notice all the car locations are the same

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/06/17 6:32 am

Lol, I use to be a driver for both at the same time. They are still competitors, and they have different rates.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/06/17 6:34 am

When driverless cars become common, if Uber doesn't lower their rates for those cars, Lyft will and it'll be a problem for Uber.

Also, don't you think the taxi companies might be figuring out how to do the same thing?

06/06/17 6:38 am

More than likely, the companies will realize they wont gain any customers other than stealing from the single significant competitor, so neither will lower prices.
Taxi companies are extremely expensive and they cant afford to lower prices usually.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/06/17 6:41 am

There are a few other ride share companies too. Seems like your mind is already made up though.

06/06/17 9:38 am

I just see nowadays that when production goes up, expansion increases and prices remain the same. Many companies have taken on the idea that people will buy no matter what, so they do whatever they want.

IrishAlzheimers oakland, ca
06/07/17 9:13 pm

Why would either uber or Lyft lower their prices?
That would NEVER happen because of automation.
When apple came out with the smartphone it was much cheaper than what it is today and the competition from android has constantly driven up the price. Both companies realize they have a strangle hold on the market and can make very little improvements on a product and jack up the price every year. Then they brag about being able to sell security because their product is so expensive that most working people can't afford to lose it. You are way naive.

Sears and Walmart made things cheaper because of cheaper materials and labor. You have to buy more frequently when things brake faster. And I don't know about you but I don't celebrate slave labor and the loss of American jobs. The capitalist isn't losing profit.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/07/17 9:21 pm

Sears and Wal-Mart made things cheaper to get rid of the competition. It's the same reason that Uber is cheaper than taxis. When Uber doesn't have to pay drivers 80% of the rider's fee, they're going to make a lot more money, and because of competition, rides are going to be cheaper. Maybe not right away but within five years, you'll see driverless cars cost a maximum of 75% of what they do today. If Uber doesn't do it, someone else will.

06/07/17 9:27 pm

Uber and Lyft arent cheap. They are maintaining prices near that of taxis. Not to mention that no current company has the flexibility to suddenly go driverless; thats a huge investment. Its much more likely for a third party to create a successful company slowly with extremely low prices at first and very few customers. Very unlikely it will shoot off for a decade at least. Why are we focusing so much on a borderline illegal taxi service though?

IrishAlzheimers oakland, ca
06/07/17 9:34 pm

People do try to come out with cheaper versions of smartphone for example but the two major companies use the competition to drive up prices. I imagine automation would make the price more expensive as the years progress. They are still a business.
There were self driving ubers in sf and they were the most expensive to order. They still had somebody in them. The transition will have to be safe so they will still pay somebody to sit in them. They will be luxury cars. And then finally in like 50 years MAYBE when they come out with cheap automatic cars you'll have a completely different type of transportation industry.

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/05/17 4:36 pm

I'm surprised no one is afraid of losing their job. Looks like drivers will be the first to go, but in a hundred years, whose job will still exist? The entertainer, the artist maybe, but beyond that? Your job will be gone.

shygal47 Florida east coast
06/06/17 6:34 am

I'll bet somebody will be looking for a legacy software guru to bail them out.