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willg basically Dulles Airport
06/10/17 7:06 pm

Gender is defined as the state of something being masculine or feminine it's a black or white attribute, I have long thought the world needs a better word for people who don't readily fix one of the primary sexes because gender identity misses this mark. Gender identity is used to describe clothing or in other cultures the gender of a term like Gato/Gata for a cat in Spanish.

Finny Conservative Lesbian
06/05/17 1:59 pm

Transsexualism or Transgenderism, whatever you want to call it to be politically correct, is a possible result of dysphoria: when one believes their body should look like the opposite sex's body / feel like they're in the wrong body.

If there was a hypothetical third gender that results from dysphoria and is labeled under transgenderism, what would that person have dysphoria about? What does this third gender look like that they want to obtain? Unless it has different genitals than a man or a woman, and this third gender they imagined has been discovered, transgenderism outside of the desire to be a man or a woman cannot exist thus those claiming they're nonbinary are just exhibiting an untraditional gender EXPRESSION for their gender.

So, if a nonbinary gender cannot exist, genders must be binary: man and woman.

Finny Conservative Lesbian
06/05/17 2:00 pm

*must be binary: man and woman

(I don't know why SOH cuts me off)

Butters Wisconsin
06/05/17 5:25 pm

If I was SOH I would cut you off too. You're an idiot.

Finny Conservative Lesbian
06/05/17 5:54 pm

I think you look like more of the "idiot" because you're attacking my intelligence instead rebutting :)

Butters Wisconsin
06/06/17 1:48 am

Can't attack what's not there.