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InsideScoop June 3rd, 2017 7:23pm

Our Colleague BusinessScoop broke the story that CollinMatthew broke the TOS when he tricked/fool Jklink into "giving" up his account password and that CollinMatthew stole Jklink's account and wont give it back. Is this story bigger than we thought?

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06/03/17 1:01 pm

Who are these people and why do they care?
This sounds like 6th grade drama!
C'mon, people...take it to facebook!

johonmilla Monroe, nc
06/03/17 12:26 pm

1. Assuming its true (which it's 99.999% not), how would the source even know this is true?

johonmilla Monroe, nc
06/03/17 1:30 pm

His own comments indicate it was an alternative account. Your source is only partially right, and this is old news too.

Jkllink VC President
06/03/17 12:24 pm

Fake News! I didn't give him the password to my personal account. I gave have the password to the RealCongress account.

Jkllink VC President
06/03/17 12:27 pm

That's correct I gave him the password to RealCongress after he became president.

Jkllink VC President
06/03/17 12:33 pm

Here's the full story: I used an account (FloridaMets) and that account created RealCongress. RealCongress had a president and speaker election, CollinMatthew won but no one won the election for speaker because I (FloridaMets) tried to get myself the speakership. CollinMatthew wanted buffalo to be Speaker because he actually won the election. Later CollinMatthew tricked me (FloridaMets) into giving him the password to the RealCongress account. He ruined the account and held it hostage for about two hours. He eventually fixed it and gave the account back.