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PamGH June 2nd, 2017 1:04am

Regardless of one's views about Paris Accord it should've been treated like the treaty it really is & put before US Senate per Constitution

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willg basically Dulles Airport
06/02/17 8:47 am

It's an extension of the Kyoto Agreement and thus requires no congressional approval. Seems weird but it's true.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
06/02/17 7:18 am

Sure. Put EVERY REPRESENTATIVE on record as to how they voted for their grandchildren's future.

06/02/17 3:06 am

Pam, don't try to put lipstick on that pig.
If it was fully implemented and every country complied with it, it wouldn't do anything about the climate.
All countries wouldn't.
US taxpayers would be fleeced once again for the enrichment of the favored few in other countries.
As other countries failed to follow the unenforceable guidelines, what would the news media, the deep state, and liberals clamor for? For the US to cripple itself.

badattitude no place like home
06/01/17 9:07 pm

Great point. Ôbama already sent a billion dollars to the treaty without permission from congress.

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
06/01/17 7:57 pm

Obama never put it through proper channels so its illegitimate and getting out of it is ok, if we want back in it should be put through the Senate and then if we want to get out again it should be put through the Senate as usual.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
06/01/17 6:22 pm

Obama never had it ratified so it was never a passed treaty and therefor a slight of hand by Obama.

PamGH Washington
06/01/17 7:28 pm

Interesting point. But still the more correct way to handle this was through an act of congress, imho

Diogenes FreeMeBe
06/01/17 7:40 pm

Sure, but he knew the Senate wouldn't ratify it. He didn't have 2/3rds.

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
06/01/17 6:15 pm


rons screw politicians
06/01/17 6:08 pm

Obama had that opportunity in 2009.