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Show Of Hands February 7th, 2013 12:00am

Did/do you play any varsity sports in high-school?

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02/13/13 1:02 pm

Hockey, baseball, cc, curling, swimming

02/12/13 7:46 am

Melon: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

Melon No Ducklips
02/12/13 7:33 am

You need to call ESPN and explain this wisdom to them. They are going to be stunned that they had filmed all of those events for nothing.

02/11/13 7:29 pm

Andy. This being said even though they may have lineman close to 400 pounds, they are still physically fit. They may not have to run for long periods but they still must be very fast and could probably outrun you in a sprint any day.

02/11/13 7:22 pm

I feel that if there is no opposition during the play of the game from another team or person that could potentially cause you to mess up then it is not a sport. Referring mainly to band and cheer. But bowling also goes with this. If there is no variables to the game then it is not a sport.

02/10/13 9:20 pm

Starting goalkeeper for my soccer team! Possibly the most enjoyable position to play in any sport

02/10/13 9:19 pm

The only one I could think of being close would be rugby

Matt1996 Virginia
02/10/13 9:14 pm

Varsity wrestler, can it get anymore athletic then that sport?

therivkid State of Confusion
02/10/13 5:26 pm

I'm a theatre kid, so no. But I do exercise and am pretty healthy, so lack of varsity athletes isn't the reason this country has a weight problem.

02/10/13 4:49 pm

Honey, this is Texas. All the schools are big in my area. I will say that it is very near Dallas.

02/10/13 11:20 am

@EvDrew = total douche bag, congrats
How could you possible know how big my school was?

02/10/13 9:32 am

Football and rugby in the offseason.

ProfDG I Want Truth
02/10/13 6:16 am

Played basketball and ran track. Went to state finals in 100. Of course that was 40 years ago.

02/10/13 1:08 am

Softball, basketball, cross country, track & field. They had it I did it!

02/09/13 7:46 pm

Reminds me of the ending of that one Cal-Stanford game, with the five laterals and the band on the field. Haha

02/09/13 7:45 pm

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

jjjdub2 Nebraska
02/09/13 5:09 pm

Well what else would you run for? Don't say food...

susanr Colorado
02/09/13 4:58 pm

Because we didn't play varsity sports? That's just as silly as the comments on the poll about whether you run for exercise of not.

02/09/13 12:57 pm

Not even in high school yet...????

natedog9999 California
02/09/13 10:14 am

I don't think anyone understands what Bands of America is...

natedog9999 California
02/09/13 10:01 am

You are competing against other marching bands across the USA for Bands of America. First place gets a trophy. It requires skill, strength, cooperation, coordination, determination, and dedication. You have a coach. It sounds like more of a sport than some of the other so-called "sports" out there.

natedog9999 California
02/09/13 9:56 am

Marching band is. Not concert band.

02/09/13 9:20 am

I wasn't the sporty type. I was more of the pothead, artsy type.

02/09/13 6:52 am

14573: Go watch a real bowling tournament and you will see physically exhausted sweaty people.
Striker5972: What kind of advice does a basketball coach give? "You know what Jimmy, I want you to get that ball in that hoop."

geoag02 Dallas, TX
02/09/13 1:05 am

Only if you count academic decathlon.

suro New York
02/08/13 11:46 pm

Varsity volleyball.

02/08/13 10:59 pm

Varsity football. Never gonna forget those crazy Friday nights

14573 Scary Numbers
02/08/13 9:39 pm

As far as I'm concerned if you don't sweat from exertion, then it shouldn't even be brought up as consideration for a sport. Don't get me wrong, I love bowling. But it's not a sport.

iJake Colorado
02/08/13 9:08 pm

What kind of an advice does a bowling coach give? "You know what Jimmy I want you to knock down all the pins this time".

iJake Colorado
02/08/13 9:05 pm

Varsity tennis.

bweezy NOVA
02/08/13 8:31 pm

That's why this country is full of fat bodies. Get out there and exercise. Roger?

02/08/13 5:37 pm

They have to march in parades and hold instruments while playing them.
That's athletic

02/08/13 4:21 pm

Nah, I'm a theatre kid

02/08/13 3:57 pm


peacefullife Land of Moss
02/08/13 3:42 pm

Mr. Spock - your marching band must not have had 3-4 hour practices that included running lines, carrying each other and heavy equipment, and speed-marching drills while breath-holding. I was in better shape from 1 season of marching band than all summer of club swim practice (6hr/day, 5 days/week)

02/08/13 3:11 pm

Am I the only one who doesnt brag about being varsity? I just automatically think im a better athlete than most..(I usually dont say it though) haha