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political June 1st, 2017 1:49pm

Do you have a positive perception of Kathy Griffin?

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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/02/17 12:49 am

No. She's a loudmouthed jerk.

donald59 Maricopa, AZ
06/01/17 7:17 pm

I've been to one of her shows. I find her funny.

06/01/17 3:00 pm

Kathy was cutting edge but now is on the list of Hollywood nut jobs that get no second chance. Bye bye forever.

Senate101 San Diego
06/01/17 12:48 pm

No. That picture was sick. The expression on DJTs face, coupled with the sheer amount of blood and gore, just makes for an awful shoot.

markm72 Cornwall,PA
06/01/17 12:31 pm

No, never did. She's a no talent hack, an admitted d-lister, who'll do anything for attention.

timeout Boston Strong
06/01/17 11:36 am

Her humor has always been edgy, she likes to push the envelope. This last bit went too far and she knows it but don't think it will hurt her career that much.

Axl752 NY
06/01/17 9:45 am

I used to listen to Howard stern a lot and she was a regular guest, but she was always sort of annoying.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
06/01/17 9:15 am

I didn't know who she was two days ago and I continue to have no opinion of her one way or another.

MaxDollaroff cynic turned skeptic
06/01/17 8:55 am

I've never liked her nor Rosie O'Donnell as entertainers.
They both grind my gears somehow and are annoying to me. (Sorry Kathy and Rosie but it's true).
No offense though.

jmw7477 Indiana
06/01/17 8:55 am

I've never liked her. This recent issue has nothing to do with it.

06/01/17 8:54 am

Do you have a positive impression of Ted Nugent?

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
06/01/17 1:26 pm

No. Of course, he's the most famous person to come out of my high school...

Maynard Londor
06/01/17 3:58 pm

I like his music, and really nothing else about him.

Maynard Londor
06/01/17 8:31 am

Never was a huge fan of her before. Mainly, because I think she is so attention driven and it's obvious. There's lots of people who are attention driven, but the ones that make me think less of them for it is when they have to hit everyone with that shock factor everytime they say or do something. It's just annoying.

cowboy Here and There
06/01/17 7:44 am

She must give incredibly good head because she's not funny or talented.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
06/01/17 7:36 am

Shes a fucking cunt who should be arrested for wanting to do that to the president of the United States.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
06/01/17 7:39 am

I would say the same thing if someone did that to an Obama head.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/01/17 7:54 am

Arrested? Is that the world you want to live in?

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
06/01/17 8:00 am

For publicly showing the want to kill a president? Yes! That should be taken as a threat to National Security.

jmw7477 Indiana
06/01/17 8:56 am

That's a bit of an overreaction.

american6 Moderate Libertarian
06/01/17 10:12 am

I agree that it was wrong, but it doesn't really show intent to cause harm.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
06/01/17 10:49 am

Im not saying she intends to cause harm to the President, but basically saying that she wants this to happen to him. Maybe I did go overboard with saying she should be arrested, but fired from everything and lose support from all her fans. Obviously that won't happen.

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
06/01/17 7:13 am

What little career she had before, which was practically zero, is completely gone now. This is all she'll be known for.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/01/17 7:07 am

If it wasn't for SoH, I wouldn't think of her at all

06/01/17 7:01 am

No. Never have.
To be fair I'm not a fan of the "red headed harpy" caricature in any incarnation, going all the way back to I Love Lucy.
But Kathy griffin is particularly irritating and talentless.

political Georgia
06/01/17 7:03 am

Her trophy is her god now....

Liberty 4,032,064
06/01/17 7:00 am

That old lady with the Trump head? Don't really care.

Okie1967 The world is crazy
06/01/17 6:53 am

No. I've never liked her comedy. She even sucked when she did an episode of Seinfeld. And her voice is hard to listen to.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/01/17 6:51 am


She sucked canal water long before she pulled the Trump stunt.

Now she's the absolute bottom of the barrel in my book.

political Georgia
06/01/17 6:52 am

I bet it broke very fake news network's heart (if they have one) to fire her.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/01/17 7:08 am

Oh you know it!

I was both shocked and impressed that CNN fired her quite promptly. It was reassuring to see them do the right thing.