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Bobnpt June 1st, 2017 10:57am

"President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him. He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. He is brilliant with a great sense of humor."

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Wyoming4178 Selma Indiana
06/02/17 8:30 am

President Donald Trump is a legend in his own mind. How thick can you spread the B S. His a bully. The government is not boardroom. His slowly understanding this. He said. Being President is harder than he thought. Well ya 321 million look to you for leadership.
And being a bully is not leadership.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
06/01/17 9:52 am

Has this man displayed even one genuine smile on camera?

06/01/17 6:14 am

Absolutely true. Even the diehard feminazi types who think hate him get all wet in the panty area when they meet him in person.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
06/01/17 8:10 am

Ugh.....NOT!!!!! My wife met him at Mar-A-Lago about 5 years ago and was creeped out by him.

Jazzy5 USA
06/01/17 4:32 am

He won Pennsylvania..A blue state! We thought so!

smartfart Florida
06/01/17 5:54 am

I'm not sure one completely has to do with the other.
His current approval in Pennsylvania is 37%. Are you saying his personality has changed? Has he become less magnetic & brilliant? Maybe he's treating people with less respect?

06/01/17 6:32 am

They don't have much to back up that statement. They will "reach" for whatever they can. It's like trying not to drown from a sinking ship. Grab what you can.....

Jazzy5 USA
06/01/17 8:49 am

Why don't you just wait and see!

Democrats, thought he would never win. By now you should know not to trust stats..
Congress, has representatives up for reelection in 2018. PA has a senator that has never held a job, except that in Washington. Taking a salary and producing zero.

cpaswr just say the letters
06/01/17 11:28 am

Trying to figure out the source of the quote in the question. Those are my best guesses.