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emilyfc California
02/01/12 2:46 pm

A "hopeless romantic" is someone who is extremely romantic and loves everything that has to do with romance. A lot of people think that it means you have no chance at love... the poll should have had the definition in it, then the results would be much different -.-

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/29/12 12:46 am

@joyfully. that's the lyrical version of the "evolution of dance" guy. loved it!

01/28/12 11:05 pm

Yes, but only when I am reminded that I am single and there are happy couples around.

marls Ohio
01/28/12 7:41 pm

Actually I am. No wait. Sometimes. I dunno. Kinda

emsies Seattle
01/28/12 12:34 am

@Joyfully: you just made my day. Thank you.

emsies Seattle
01/28/12 12:34 am

Pfft, I'm SO unromantic. Though, one of my best friends is both ten times more geeky and more romantic. He's... Interesting.

01/27/12 11:04 pm

Only after marriage. It was a strange switch.

01/27/12 10:37 pm

I"m going marry the night, I won't give up on my life

01/27/12 9:49 pm

does this mean no chance at romantic stuff? Use easy English please.

01/27/12 5:14 pm

simply having a wounderful christmas time

01/27/12 5:09 pm

do the pretty girl rock rock rock do the pretty girl rock
my name is Joyfully I'm so very fly oh my its a little bit scary boys want to marry, pretty as a picture, don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful , don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful :)

01/27/12 5:04 pm

it's beautiful night were looking for something dum to do ha baby I think I want to marry you , don't say no no no no no just say yes yes yes yes :)

01/27/12 5:01 pm

mama I'm in love with a criminal , this type is it rational it's physical , mama pleas don't cry I will be alright , but I can"t lie I love the guy

01/27/12 4:58 pm

oh baby I can make your bed rock

01/27/12 4:57 pm

I'm talking about L O L O L O L O V E L O LOVE I'm talking about LOVE :) ????????

01/27/12 4:55 pm

take me down like I'm a domino

01/27/12 4:53 pm

ohhhhh I"ve got a good feeling ya, I"ve got a feeling that I never never never had before :)

01/27/12 4:52 pm

u make me feel so lalala u make me feel so lalala

01/27/12 4:50 pm

nothing but your t-shirt on

01/27/12 4:50 pm

oooo myyyy goshhhh, baby let me love u down, there's so many ways to love ya baby let me take you down there so many ways to love ya , got saying oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my gosh

01/27/12 4:47 pm

I love you like a live song baby , I love you like a love song baby

01/27/12 4:46 pm

your beautiful, your beautiful , it's true, But it's time to face the truth I will never be with you

01/27/12 4:42 pm

and I am telling you i"m not going livening with out you , I"m not livening with our you, and you ,and you , and you , your gone live meeeeeee ohh yes you are you going love me

01/27/12 4:39 pm

what's love got to do with it , got to do with it. who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

01/27/12 4:38 pm

what is love , baby don't hurt me , don't hurt me , no more :)

Fransipher USA
01/27/12 12:45 pm

I don't understand this question.

01/27/12 11:58 am

WANTED: Meaningful overnight relationship.

01/27/12 11:55 am

it was sex so good, even the neighbors had to have a cigarette.

01/27/12 11:55 am

it was sex so good, even the neighbors had to have a cigarette.

01/27/12 10:05 am

My bf of 5yrs told me when we first met that he would never marry again. I said it didn't matter and it doesn't now we are on our second kid and I have a ring on my finger. I never once brought it up it was purely his decision.

Hinfinity Oregon
01/27/12 9:30 am

yeah: what *does* this question mean? before coming to the comments, I imagined it had to do with kitschy items and sentimentality—not actual romance/love.

01/27/12 6:53 am

Ditto, Tops. Well said, lol.

Though I was in love with my husband before he even knew my name - I'd sit across from him at his desk and just swoon as he gave me projects for VisiCalc. That was 28 or 29 years ago now.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/27/12 6:48 am

Ah. No? I don't really think I'm helplessly romantic…


01/27/12 6:47 am

In my writing I can be... Not generally in real life. Used to be... But then I grew up.

01/27/12 6:23 am

I said no
I used to be ... but I can show you the Burn marks .... not any more

01/27/12 4:23 am

Overall, Im a very sweet & thoughtful woman when it comes to relationships (i guess thats romantic). But @ the same time, it's hopeless because I'm helpless (can't help myself from falling)...& he runs lol (sad but true)

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/27/12 1:10 am

Hopeless just about describes it. I saw this on someecards, and it's pretty much true at this point in my life - "Everyone around me is getting married or pregnant... I'm just getting more awesome."

01/27/12 12:05 am

Rosebud, love at first sight for me too--but it took 19 years and a dramatically failed marriage for him to figure it out, lol!

Rosebud Ohio
01/26/12 11:17 pm

Def yes. The day I met my husband was love at first site, knew I'd marry him. His family moved and we had a ldr for a year till he moved back for me. We're soul mates and I'm madly in love with him, even the "lumps".
And I LOVE romance movies novels and stories.

01/26/12 10:12 pm

hopeless? I'm married! Of course it hopeless!

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/26/12 9:21 pm

god, no! can't stand the sappy shit!

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
01/26/12 8:47 pm

Some of the other poll Qs might reveal an interesting tendency also.

Think "should it be legal to make death threats On Twitter"...

And for the record: No, *suggested filter* 1st marriage

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
01/26/12 8:41 pm

Or rather, divorced/single/1stMarriage filter.
Then reset the question each year...