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President Donald Trump reportedly plans on reversing a set of Obama-era policies that softened trade, business, and travel relations with Cuba. Good news?

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06/07/17 10:14 am

Cuba hasn't any sign of reform, forger them.

Tesla Florida
06/04/17 11:14 am

Simply for the advanced medical field that Cuba has makes this a bad idea.

06/09/17 1:27 am

I'd argue for the opposite, the cancer treatments they have are very valuable once the doctors are able to bring them over here

Tesla Florida
06/10/17 2:53 pm

I'm confused, I'm saying that worsening relations is a bad idea, do you agree?

GOP2017orBust Georgia
06/01/17 11:06 am

We can't support communism they kill gays and keep people poor!

ishady 86451132020
05/31/17 8:52 am

Yeah, you wouldn't want to open up a new market and jobs in this country.
He is a brain dead moron.

05/31/17 4:15 pm

You realize how Cuba treats its citizens, don't you?

GOP2017orBust Georgia
06/01/17 11:07 am

The health care is shit there. So people are dying on the streets.

ishady 86451132020
06/01/17 2:09 pm

Anything your orange dictator does is ok huh? You realize the best way to fix Cuba is to maintain relations right? Stop blindly following a fool, it makes you look bad.

Freethinking375 Minneapolis, MN
06/01/17 5:58 pm

No, you don't soften relations with dictators and then hope and pray and dream that they'll just be nicer to their people if you just let them do whatever they want. You have plenty of place to accuse Trump supporters of just blindly following Trump, but this is not one of them. Cubans are arrested in the street for political protest, and, sure, they can walk into a hospital regardless of income and walk out with literally no medicine while party leaders get everything they want, but if you want actual change to come to Cuba, you do not endorse their actions by giving them more leeway. You don't give an employee a raise for doing an awful job. Newsflash: Communism and Socialism caused Cuba's human rights problems, not trade restrictions with the US.

I think it would be a great idea to send most Democrats on a field trip to Cuba with Obama's loosened travel restrictions in place. Maybe that would help convince them of how terrible and destitute socialist countries actually are.

ishady 86451132020
06/02/17 9:31 am

Opening negotiations with a government that is asking for them is the first step to increasing civil rights in said country. We pushed Cuba into the arms of the Russians with bad policy years ago. We all know how bad that ended up right? Raul Castro will die soon, and then what? If we aren't there to insist on free elections, the country stays the same. Doing nothing hasn't worked. Trump is dumb. He is easily influenced by the wrong people.

ishady 86451132020
06/02/17 9:34 am

A free and open market in Cuba is good for jobs here. Is t that why you people voted for trump? For jobs?
Now if white Americans can get off opioids long enough to pass a drug test they can get these jobs.

06/09/17 1:29 am

I shady, that was funny as hell in a sad way

05/31/17 5:47 am

As a rule of thumb, undoing anything 0bufoon did is a good idea.

PlumumpkinOgre City Beautiful, Sunshine
05/31/17 6:29 am

Typically rule of thumbs are actual supposed to be accurate

05/31/17 6:29 am

That's why it's a rule of thumb to always undo what a Buffon like 0bama does.

05/31/17 1:34 pm


ItsYourBoy Roman Empire
05/31/17 5:27 am

Can someone explain the pros and cons to this

AKCowboysFan Anchorage m8
06/02/17 7:23 am

Pros: normalizing relations with Cuba helps the Cuban economy and therefore helps strengthen the oppressive regime

Cons: less trade, travel and economic opportunities for citizens of both countries

Obvious101 MO
05/30/17 9:55 pm

We should have settled with Cuba 50 years ago. They came to USA & asked for money & we told them to F---off. The USSR saw a opportunity & exploited it producing Commie Cuba. Now we tell our NATO allies the same and will cry in beer when we are left.

112112321 pleb
05/30/17 8:55 pm

This was possibly Obama's best decision in office. Lincoln would be proud, but in this case, it's a bad thing to side with Lincoln.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/31/17 12:25 pm

Some of them are white, though...are you sure??

keamyx The Great state of Texas
05/30/17 6:23 pm

Reverse. Obama never did much of anything in Americas best interest. What brought him to lighten up on communism? Free cigars? Should there be an investigation?

05/31/17 8:34 am

Cuba as an extremely advanced medical field. They have medicine that helps prevent, stop, and cure diabetes, lung cancer, and much much more.

natejgardner Edmonds, Washington
05/30/17 5:52 pm

However, the refugee program for Cubans should be reinstated. Obama suddenly ended that in the last week of his presidency. We should be open to those oppressed by communism seeking to bring their talents here.

smacc DunningKruger
05/30/17 5:42 pm

Why? Just why?

05/30/17 3:17 pm

In no way should the U.S. be seen endorsing or cooperating with any communist state. Communism is still a threat, and one we should not take lightly. Communism is more of a threat to freedom and democracy based on American standards than anything, save Islamic extremism. The Castro regime has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocents because of horrendous agricultural and redistributive policies, just as it had in China under Mao, the U.S.S.R. under Stalin, Cambodia under Pol Pot, North Korea under the Kims, and Venezuela under Maduro. Communism has never and will never work and to even seem as though we are cooperating with these people is ridiculous and disgusting.

NewGeneration Washington DC
05/30/17 4:04 pm

Last I checked, China is still a communist nation and we do much more than cooperate with them. And so what if Cuba makes their own decisions on their own land? Have you ever stopped to think that capitalism might and probably will open the door to democracy? It's happening in China slowly but surely.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
05/30/17 4:59 pm

Fun fact! China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam are allCommunist countries, and the only ones still in existence. We have very open trade relations with all but NK and Cuba. Obama opened the door to Cuba, and Trump wants to meet with NK. Not sure why the reversal on Cuba except...well.....OBAMA!

runningman02 New York
05/30/17 3:02 pm

How can we destroy part of what we worked for, for peace?

Republocrat Washington State
05/30/17 2:25 pm

Who gives a Fuck if Cuba is communist & we disagree with them. That's not gonna do anything really

05/30/17 9:28 pm

Socialist, dirt poor, and yet world class medical and literacy.

Republocrat Washington State
05/30/17 9:31 pm

Well that's just like Africa although we still have a diplomatic relationship with them

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
05/31/17 8:23 am

Africa isn't socialist, nor does it have nearly as good health care or literacy

Kalderon Chicago
05/30/17 2:11 pm

It's so stupid. Just because we have disagreements with Cuba on how to run its people doesn't mean we have to cut ties with them. And there are worst countries like Saudi Arabia and China, and we're only doing it to trade with them for oil and cheap labor.

EarlyBird Portland
05/30/17 1:54 pm

This is something I agree with Trump on.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
05/30/17 1:51 pm

Good news? No, Does it surprise me? No, We are reaching out to the Saudis, Turks and Russians but we want to destroy the goodwill that was begun in the Obama administration with our Cuban neighbors. I hate to see this but it might be best for the Cuban people to keep their distance from Trump's America.

05/30/17 1:38 pm

"The report cites two unnamed sources..."

I'll believe it when there's hard news.

SuperiorVegan Liberal Nationalist
05/30/17 1:37 pm

Donald Trump is a awful leader. So he gives 100 billion dollars to a islamo-fascist state but Cuba is the great Satan.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/30/17 1:27 pm

Nothing about 45 has been good news. Reverting to a policy that failed to accomplish anything positive in a completely wasted 50 years is no exception.

ComradeJames nationalism
05/30/17 1:16 pm

Definitely; maybe this will slow Cuba's descension into revisionism and capitalism.

timeout Boston Strong
05/30/17 12:32 pm

The policies that Obama implemented on Cuba were long overdue, to reverse them would be foolish. There seems to be a concerted effort to do away with anything with Obama's name on it....

cowboy Here and There
05/30/17 12:30 pm

If he actually does it, yes.

followingsea Illinois is
05/30/17 10:38 am

Best Cuban plan get rid of Castro and all supporters, they and NK are counterproductive !

05/30/17 11:38 am


bkro37 existential crisis
05/30/17 10:38 am

Free trade is good Wtf everyone agrees on this but trump and his band of loyal-no-matter-whats

knetzere Illinois
05/30/17 10:29 am

Should've went the other direction and opened Cuba up entirely.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
05/30/17 10:00 am

Good call. End all relations will all communist countries, including Cuba.

polarized Tennessee
05/30/17 1:19 pm

That would include Russia...doubt that's happening.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
05/30/17 4:24 pm

Russia is about as communist as we are. Red China is the real communist menace these days.

Obvious101 MO
05/30/17 9:47 pm

Gunfighter: Lordy, lordy, we agree. Neither the USA or Russia are what they claim. Both are limited capitalistic economic systems while Russia is politically an oligarchy & the USA is a plutocracy moving to an oligarchy. Trump pushes the oligarchy.

polarized Tennessee
05/31/17 4:28 am

End relationship with China? That should go smoothly...

Senate101 San Diego
05/30/17 9:43 am

Yes, until Castro loosens his grip.

Argonaut Yang 2020
05/30/17 9:43 am

Yes because sanctions worked so well to do that in the past

Senate101 San Diego
05/30/17 9:45 am

They haven't, but I'm saying Trump has to speak with RC too.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
05/30/17 9:41 am

Yes. It's only a one way street at this point in time.

05/30/17 9:17 am

Good call. Fidel Castro and his cancerous socialism has murdered my relatives. Obama made one of America's weakest deals with that tyrant and then when meeting his brother (who left him at the tarmac) his wrist went limp. True symbolism

fmm Philadelphia suburb
05/30/17 9:17 am

glad I went to Havana earlier in the year. bad move.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/30/17 10:54 am

How was it? I heard it's a real shithole, like going back in time to when it was an earlier shithole

Dufur30 Oregonian
05/30/17 9:14 am

Is this the new republican principles? I always thought they were about free market and small government. But everywhere I look, it's the opposite. We have more military, an authoritarian president, a federal government that wants to tell states how to act on marijuana for example. I'm an independent that leans socially liberal, and fiscally conservative. And my conservatives principles are raising red flags with this administration all the time. If enough of his followers get conned into believe new principles, then we might be seeing a faster demise of conservatism than with any other president.

05/30/17 9:31 am

An authoritarian President? How so?
Did his proposed travel bans get pushed thru despite legal rulings against. Did he fore the judges, declare martial law and suspend civil liberties?
That is authoritarian or do you just use words that people on TV tell you to use?
Please explain how and why Trump is authoritarian?

Zardoz California native
05/30/17 9:42 am

Here ya go, nacho. Although this article is by that hack, Bill Moyers, and not some anonymous internet guy -- so why should we pay attention?

Dufur30 Oregonian
05/30/17 4:24 pm

He is authoritarian, luckily we have the legal system that can hold him in check. He does everything a dictator does; appoints his family to high positions, bashes the Press and Judges, inflates the military, attacks states rights, etc. Come on, you know Trump would love to be Putin, not a democratic leader. His whole life he has been a dictator of his business, it's what he knows. He's a con, a complete 180 from his campaign rhetoric. At this point, his personality is not a business strategy, it's embarrassing and dangerous. Tell me when he actually acts conservative; close Wall Street revolving door, legalize marijuana at Federal level, decrease military spending, increase infrastructure. In my view he is a dangerous big baby b/c he is so ignorant that lobbyist are swarming to "educate" him. I'm sorry to his voters who feel "forgotten"; but this guy isn't your savior. The wealthy and corporations thank you for your naïveté.

Okie1967 The world is crazy
05/30/17 9:14 am

No. Cuba as the only issue where I agreed with Obama.

05/30/17 9:07 am

Cheez Goofy Don is a complete idiot - nothing with him amazes me anymore how one person can be as ignorant of the job he holds

05/30/17 9:34 am

Red line.
Keep your Dr.
Video inspired riots.
Workplace violence.
Shovel ready jobs.
Religion of peace.
Served with honor and distinction.

Yeah, Trump is the problem now.

voc I am...what I am
05/30/17 11:57 am

Hey look! Sean Hannity is on SOH as nacho!

05/31/17 12:05 pm

Dude OBama is now history . You need to catch up to the weirdness of Goofy Don who is incapable of governing on behalf of the majority of Americans

Jazzy5 USA
05/30/17 9:05 am

But: I want our criminals back first....

05/30/17 9:04 am

He just wants to reverse everything Obama did. Some probably need reversing but this wasn't one.