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InsideScoop May 29th, 2017 2:21am

We have received information from a high level VC official that Virtual Congress has an "intelligence" branch. If this is true, we have further evidence that suggest they are running a spy operation using more Alt accounts. Do you know any VC spies?

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Jkllink VC President
05/28/17 7:29 pm

Who's the official? Where's the evidence? Why does this account continue to exist?

johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/28/17 8:32 pm

Did you just say the second amendment is free press?
Anyway if by intelligence branch you meant the new position relating to intelligence, it's not exactly something secret.

WeThePharaoh Planet Earth
05/28/17 9:38 pm

Omg that cracks me up because the second amendment is baring arms XD Also idk what VC is?

Jkllink VC President
05/29/17 7:27 am

VC (VirtualCongress) is a fun mock congress where you can debt and propose bills, run for office and meet great people.