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ProudAmerican45 May 28th, 2017 9:32pm

I'm going to interview for a special education teaching position at a Catholic school..I've been a teacher at a public school for the last almost 20 yrs..if I get an offer for this job and it's good..should I go for it..or stay where I'm at?

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05/30/17 3:45 am

Hope it's not an English teaching position with that dangling participle. Lol

stickman46 NJ
05/29/17 11:39 am

Move only if the benefits including retirement are better.

05/29/17 8:29 am

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Suzan Hawaii
05/29/17 12:43 am

How close are you to getting your retirement at the public school? Weigh the pros and cons. I support your decision unconditionally

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/28/17 10:56 pm

My first thought was "Do you want the job?" If so, then weigh the implications: pay, pension, change in environment. If it all looks good, go for it.

You will be "starting over" with new coworkers, etc. but the kids need you no matter where you are teaching 8)

Good Luck!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/17 7:29 pm

Do what your heart wants. You probably won't be paid as well and private school

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/28/17 7:51 pm

Good advice.
Work at what you love to enjoy each day

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/28/17 5:28 pm

Aren't you close to retiring...

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/28/17 5:35 pm

I can retire after 25 yrs but that would only make me around 50 yrs old..I don't want to retire at such a young I love to teach..

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/28/17 6:21 pm

Oh okay. Well you're not far, it would be nice to retire publicly then get a job in the private sector.

05/28/17 11:35 pm

Wound make same sense to secure that first retirement money, then change roles. That of course depends on what exactly your retirement benefits are.

Suzan Hawaii
05/29/17 12:43 am

Do what everyone else does: get your first retirement and begin your second job at another place and get your second retirement.

Finny Conservative Lesbian
05/28/17 3:24 pm

Depends on what you want

Do you want a change?
Are you Catholic yourself and want to be able to express it more and incorporate your and their faith into studies?
Does it pay more if you value that or need it for your children if you're having more or for their college or if you don't have kids and just would like a more comfortable lifestyle yourself?

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/28/17 3:29 pm

I don't know what I am Catholic..I make a decent living..I just feel antsy..I love my's the new superintendent that grinds my gears..I'm just going to go on the interview and see what happens..

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/17 3:34 pm

I've found that a superintendent or a principal can either make or break morale. If you feel crushed, I would definitely think about making a move.

Things to consider, though:

Are you tenured? What will this mean for insurance? I've found that public education insurance is MUCH better than you can get in most other jobs--it costs less and covers more. This can make thousands and thousands of $ worth of difference in a salary, so don't just compare the salaries--compare the benefits.

Some private schools might not even offer insurance or retirement plans!

05/28/17 3:13 pm

It probably depends on the school and your situation. Private school pay tends to be worse, but the trade off can sometimes be a better environment. But it can sometimes not be a great environment in its own way if there are entitled families who feel they can tell you how to run your classroom. And as Kay said, it may effect things like retirement.

Kay41 the Midwest
05/28/17 2:59 pm

I'm from Illinois so my pension system might be different from yours. I had to buy back seven weeks of maternity leave so that I can retire in 2021. It cost me over$2400 to do it. It's a huge factor! Good luck with whatever you decide.

Kay41 the Midwest
05/28/17 2:40 pm

I'd really think about the implications of your pension.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/28/17 2:55 pm

I know..I have to look into husband brought that point up..

Kay41 the Midwest
05/28/17 3:00 pm

Oops, my reply is above. 😁