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PositumNuntiare May 28th, 2017 2:11am

The PositumNuntiare Theory of Nutrition: The more unhealthy something is for you, the better it tastes.

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/28/17 5:59 pm

As long as its food, it's healthy enough. Food that tastes good is just better in the only way that matters.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
05/28/17 5:00 am

Disagree, I love fruits and vegetables

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/28/17 11:33 am

But it is bitter and using more than recommended will kill you, often quickly.

susanr Colorado
05/27/17 9:10 pm


Dead-ripe apricots and peaches.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
05/27/17 7:35 pm

Calories are just flavor points.