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laxgoalie May 27th, 2017 2:34am

Is consuming marijuana recreationally immoral?

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05/27/17 11:03 am

If you break the law to use, you are morally wrong.

robopolis NC
05/27/17 12:01 am

Yes, but medical should be legal

commonsense America isnt racist
05/26/17 7:49 pm

Yes. Society frowns upon it, so it's immoral.

Vincere Seattle
05/26/17 8:01 pm

Something like 60% of the US population support legalization now, so it's not nearly as stigmatized as it once was. But even if it was still frowned upon, isn't morality deeper than society's general consensus at a given point in time?

05/26/17 8:14 pm

40% dont even support it legally so i doubt that more than 30% would be ok with it morally.

Vincere Seattle
05/26/17 8:43 pm

Interesting, so you're assuming only about half of people who support legalization are okay with it morally? Is that based on your personal experience?

05/26/17 8:53 pm

No, its just a random guess considering how many immoral things are legal.

susanr Colorado
05/26/17 7:40 pm

Not in my opinion. No more so than consuming alcohol, and arguably less.