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gluxford1 May 25th, 2017 2:41pm

Do you trust Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight to be accurate and unbiased?

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DexNav Location
05/27/17 6:18 pm

It's not perfectly accurate. Silver tries to be, though. He gave Trump a fair shot- explaining why, and he actually was right.

catpillow Florida West Coast
05/27/17 12:09 am

I'm not familiar with it.

ConservativeCA Joe Biden is barely alive
05/26/17 9:03 am

The question of bias is debatable, but it clearly isn't accurate.

abusara i drink and i know things
05/25/17 11:24 am

More than I trust you to be accurate an unbiased. 😜

followingsea Illinois is
05/25/17 9:52 am

Idc, in the least.

liam2013 iowa
05/25/17 9:49 am

Its accuracy has not been perfect, but I feel strongly that it is unbiased. Silver's is trying to get a true measurement of public opinion, not make public opinion. His credibility depends on his accuracy. He is constantly factoring in different statistical data.

05/25/17 8:02 am

It's numbers , something that republicans can't or won't accept as factual

ranger13 Texas
05/25/17 7:57 am

I don't believe they're accurate, but I still like looking at all the data and statistics.

ranger13 Texas
05/25/17 8:03 am

I remember watching it election night and it said Hillary has a 99% chance to win until about midnight and then it swung all the way to Trump. Lol.

Namdor53 Hello
05/25/17 8:58 am

Not on 538. They had Trump higher than most, about 30% chance if I remember.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/25/17 9:05 am

And yet that 30% figure was still woefully inaccurate. They are just as pathetic and biased as any of the MSM polling organizations. I read their articles when I need a good laugh.

DexNav Location
05/27/17 6:20 pm

30% chances happening isn't "woefully inaccurate." That's somewhere around the odds of flipping two coins and both being heads. Besides, when were all election predictors always right? Answer those for me.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/27/17 10:40 pm

A coin flip would be a 50% chance, not 30%.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/27/17 10:41 pm

If you're a pollster, your job is to measure the electorate in an unbiased way and try to make a correct prediction based off of that. FiveThirtyEight failed miserably at this in 2016. There is no excuse for it. Bad polling is bad polling.

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
05/25/17 7:56 am

No. Remember the time they said that Hillary had a 99% chance of winning the Michigan democratic primary? 😂😂😂

gluxford1 Arizona
05/25/17 8:00 am

😂😂 Yes, I remember that! They also once forecasted that Hillary had a better chance of winning Arizona than Donald Trump....and they're still claiming that Arizona, Georgia, and Texas are turning into swing states! They keep proving themselves to be nothing but propaganda peddlers. 😂😂

BarryB Was it something I said
05/25/17 8:46 am

I once saw Tom Brady throw four interceptions in one game! He must be a crap quarterback!

gluxford1 Arizona
05/25/17 9:27 am

I'm not a fan of sports, so I wouldn't know.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/25/17 7:44 am

Not at all. They had a left-leaning, anti-Trump bias during the 2016 campaign and their predictions on the election outcome were woefully inaccurate. They haven't changed one bit since the election.

05/25/17 7:42 am

Nate Plastic

DexNav Location
05/29/17 4:53 pm

Because that's a highly logical argument, backed by the evidence you so kindly gave us.