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LittlePearl May 25th, 2017 9:12am

Do you really want to know what celebrities political views are?

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05/25/17 9:59 pm

To be fair, I generally do not care about anyone's political views. That includes celebrities, athletes, religious leaders, commentators, etc. hire views are theirs that have. Basically any one sided expression of opinion.

I only really care about the views of people that I am considering electing to represent me in government.

Suzan Hawaii
05/25/17 3:53 pm

The promoters tell the celebrities how important they are etc. to get them to perform a certain level. The celebrities begin to believe their own press and think their ideas are right and more important. Their advantage is having a camera and a microphone. I wish they would just hush.

Elvis Presley was the best example when asked about Vietnam. He said I will keep my opinons to myself.

liam2013 iowa
05/25/17 10:02 am

No. I don't why some people follow celebrities every little action or pronouncements.