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suppressedID May 25th, 2017 6:38am

Over the last five years, median CEO pay has jumped by 19.6%. That's nearly double the 10.9% rise in the typical weekly paycheck for full-time employees across the country. Shouldn't those rates be pegged to one another?

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05/25/17 9:50 am

The divide between the Haves and the Have Nots grows wider while we argue about tax cuts for the very wealthy.

liam2013 iowa
05/25/17 8:43 am

Workers should be given shares in the company plus given a fair salary that is (10%-15% just my suggestion) of the top CEO salary. No CEO should be making a hundred times more than of his average worker.

05/26/17 2:45 am

Then you start a company that does that and show us how it's done.

jlong105 Indiana
05/25/17 7:26 am

Up to the company.

05/25/17 4:42 am

CEOs are not better. They do work incredible hours and have to make incredibly hard complex decisions and answer , with their everything on the line , to a group of Monday morning quarterbacks.

bartman71 USW
05/25/17 10:33 am

Sometimes you have to rough it.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
05/26/17 8:31 am

Like Wal-Mart?? Whoever the CEO is they need to be fired. They ruined that store. Same thing with Sears, Kmart and Olive Garden

05/25/17 3:40 am

Unless you are one of the companies owners,


suppressedID suck it Kyle
05/25/17 6:18 am

What if I'm a stockholder?

05/25/17 7:16 am

Then you ARE one of the company's owners.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
05/25/17 5:17 pm

But many have shares with limited or zero voting rights.

05/26/17 2:46 am

Then don't buy those, obviously.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/25/17 12:35 am

Shipping jobs overseas makes companies rich. No need to reward employees for that.

All hail free trade.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/25/17 12:03 am

CEO salary is another expense for the board. If they feel they can get the same leadership for less, they're going to do it. Obviously some companies are willing to pay a premium for that position due to market scarcity...people who can effectively run large corporations do not grow on trees. It's a competitive market at the top


suppressedID suck it Kyle
05/25/17 6:23 am

CEOs do lose salary , but it's usually tied to stock options valuation. Companies are more endemic and they don't typically shop around for cost savings.