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YourCeilingFan May 25th, 2017 12:03am

Should school have anything to do with what you do outside of school? For example, you post a picture of you doing something illegal online, then the school punishes you for it. Should that still be a thing or should it be up to parents/police?

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geddy Colorado
05/25/17 7:49 am

If it relates to the school, then the school should be involved. For example, if you post a picture holding a gun and a Columbine, then the school should be involved because it relates to school safety. If you bully a classmate on an internet site, the school should be involved because it involves the relationship between two students and could become a problem at school. If you get caught stealing a candy bar at a store, this probably would not involve the school unless there is some sort of honor code.

commonsense America isnt racist
05/24/17 10:14 pm

When you leave school , school should ignore you.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/24/17 7:52 pm

My answer varies a with grade level and private vs public school and with codes of conduct.

Vincere Seattle
05/24/17 5:22 pm

For relatively minor offenses, it's better for the school to handle it than the police. Not only is it usually a waste of the cops' time, but kids who get caught up in the criminal justice system at a young age are a lot more likely to go into a life of crime. Of course the parents should be handling these sorts of things, but sadly that isn't always an option.

05/25/17 5:52 am

But then you have schools punishing kids based on moral guidelines not law and not based on school. Fake or even real bullying claims and such online and in the mall shouldnt have any repercussions like suspension or expulsion. Its effectively undermining the judicial system.

Vincere Seattle
05/26/17 10:11 am

Hmm, I was thinking more along the lines of petty crimes like shoplifting and such. If it's just (outside of school) bullying and no actual laws are being broken, then I don't see a reason for anyone except the parents to get involved.

ctskapski x
05/24/17 5:17 pm

Public or private?
Is there a code of conduct?

05/24/17 5:13 pm

It should be up to the parent/police...BUT... we in America have handed the job of parenting over to the schools, so it stands to reason the schools will pick up disciplining a student for their out of school behavior.