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FreeAssange May 24th, 2017 8:03pm

Which is a more credible/reliable source: Washington Post or Wikileaks?

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Jazzy5 USA
05/24/17 5:31 pm

Wikileaks has never been wrong..

followingsea Illinois is
05/24/17 3:48 pm

Both have purpose contrary to interest of American welfare.

05/24/17 1:07 pm

Washington Post is the mouthpiece for Jeff Bezos. Wikileaks has yet to produce anything fake

musicotic Michigan
05/24/17 1:04 pm

WikiLeaks is trash

musicotic Michigan
05/24/17 3:46 pm

Emmanuel Macron's documents.

And the bipartisan group Aspen Institute's Homeland Security Group said that they very well may be false documents in the Clinton leaks.

They've tweeted about false info: Podesta doing Satanic rituals, implying that the DNC had Seth Rich killed, claiming that Clinton wanted to drone strike Assange, promoting a conspiracy theory about the Clintons and Laura Silsby.

They also release incredibly private information and disregard the Panama Papers.