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iceberg124 May 24th, 2017 11:44am

Have you ever fasted for 3 or more days?

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theNobamist Silicon Valley
05/26/17 1:09 am

Not intentionally. I was unconscious for a week in the hospital.
I lost a lot of weight!!

05/24/17 1:06 pm

Never for three days. My body couldn't handle it:

followingsea Illinois is
05/24/17 9:59 am

Yea, I was in the hospital.

Okie1967 Fudge joe biden
05/24/17 9:27 am

About 30 hours is as far as I've ever gone. I was only trying for 24 hours, but circumstance pushed me to 30.

Okie1967 Fudge joe biden
05/24/17 9:28 am

I fast for 24 hours once a month and I fast for 16 hours on most days. The 24 hour fast includes both food and drink whereas the daily fast is only a food fast.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/24/17 7:18 am

I had old fashioned c-sections. Nothing the day before or the first two days. Then the joy of thick non clear liquids. But they were totally worth it.

skinner Jersey City
05/24/17 5:44 am

I've never fully fasted for that long if that entails the complete abstention from food.

05/24/17 5:45 am

Why do you want liberman for the Fbi?

skinner Jersey City
05/24/17 6:02 am

For three reasons, first I respect his credentials, second I respect his bipartisan record, and third I support the man. Lieberman has worked in law for many years and was once the Attorney General of Connecticut. He is a former Democrat and current Independent who could restore independence and credibility to the FBI following Comey's firing. He's strong on national security and one of the three amigos. There's a lot to like. It's too bad he won't get the job.

EarlyBird Portland
05/24/17 5:28 am

I tried to fast once but it only lasted 10 hours.
I can't do it.

musicotic Michigan
05/24/17 5:18 am

It wasn't fasting tho. Twas attempted suicide.