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Shazam May 24th, 2017 3:34am

A white "Alt-Reich" member fatally stabbed a young black man at a U of Maryland bus stop. Do you think the killer should be labeled a "Radical Christian Terrorist," or a "Radical American Terrorist?"

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TheSocialRight Security over Freedom
05/29/17 12:27 am

How did Christianity have anything to do with this?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/28/17 11:15 am

Did he do it in the hand of Jesus? If yes, then xian. If not, American

Bobnpt The Ocean State
05/27/17 6:10 am

Radical White Terrorist
Radical Right-Wing Terrorist
Good question to get people thinking!!!

BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
05/24/17 8:27 pm

Why would he be considered Christian when the very act he committed goes against basic Christian principles: love one another, be kind to others? If a policeman committed this act would we say the policeman was acting as a cop even though he committed murder? No. So don't call this person or any other person a Christian when what they do is definitely un-Christian.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
05/25/17 6:53 am

I agree - same goes for swapping the "Christian" with Muslim.

AndrewT25 The Colony
05/25/17 7:57 am

But in many cases when they scream For Allah, I would think it was a Muslim act. Nobody that is Christian and kills someone screams For Jesus! But I do agree that if they're Muslim and do something wrong it shouldn't be drawn up as a Muslim act.

BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
05/25/17 8:25 am

If they scream for Allah and do something that was against the teachings of Allah then it was not for Allah, it was for themselves. Same is true of people who do things in the name of Christ: blow up abortion buildings, commit murder, berate and slam others.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
05/25/17 3:45 pm

BIG P - exactly. I have no idea why that is so difficult for so many to grasp.

AndrewT25 The Colony
05/24/17 11:12 am

I really didn't think the Alt- Reich was an organization. I believed it was just a name libs gave to Conservs that spoke against them.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/24/17 7:32 am

If he was a Christian and Christian if he was just a white ring nut then the other one.

HelloThere12345 Utah
05/24/17 6:23 am

Neither of those I options. If it is determined to be terrorism (an option not even discussed in the article; hate crime does not equal terrorism), then I would say he is a white supremacist terrorist.

However, given that it likely wasn't terrorism I'd say he is a racist piece of garbage that belongs to a horrible racist Facebook group and deserves to be given the maximum sentence for what he did.

05/24/17 5:50 am

Not enough info. Did he do it screaming God is good? I'm going to settle on RAT for now but I see what you've done here.

05/24/17 5:14 am

Neither. How bout "racist"

SouthernLaw Old North State
05/24/17 3:38 am

If he killed the man because of his religious beliefs then RCT. However, this doesn't seem to be the case- it was from racial prejudice. I don't know how you are making some of the assumptions you are.

funlover heart of it all
05/24/17 2:13 am

This is based on racial prejudice, not religious intolerance I smell a RAT.

badattitude no place like home
05/24/17 1:19 am

What makes him Christian? White?

orgblu10 Shamerica
05/23/17 10:57 pm

"Christian" is not appropriate in this case.

cowboy Dawns Highway
05/23/17 10:14 pm

Neither. He's a murderer and should be strung up. He's a white male so nobody would care. Just like nobody cared that the FBI murdered LaVoy Finicum for going to a townhall meeting.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/23/17 10:03 pm

The article plainly states several times that they haven't done enough investigating to even know if it's a hate crime, much less terroristic in nature.

And why are you calling him a Christian? Nowhere in the article does it mention any faith or lack of faith for that matter.


MannIsMe Did You Assume My Party
05/23/17 9:52 pm

Radical white supremecist

ctskapski x
05/23/17 9:45 pm

The nature of his radicalism is neither inherently Christian nor inherently American.
If he's "alt-reich" it seems more political than religious or national.

commonsense America isnt racist
05/23/17 9:16 pm

Doesn't seem like terrorism. Seems like a crazy white guy stabbing a black guy.

RagingMystic covfefe
05/24/17 11:52 am

And lemme guess, he was a "lone wolf nice kid" too right?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/23/17 9:14 pm

The affiliation with those groups tailored to the weak-minded seems irrelevant. The groups didn't do the crime. Why can't it just be "murdering rat bastard"?

gluxford1 Arizona
05/23/17 9:13 pm

Neither. He's a white supremacist terrorist.

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
05/23/17 8:58 pm

Radical nazi terrorist, seeing as he was inspired by naziism.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
05/23/17 8:56 pm

I would call him a fucking asshole and I hope he rots in a jail full of angry black dudes.

chinito Florida
05/23/17 8:54 pm

Who radicalized him? In the name of what he did it?

I believe he is a white supremacist. I would have no problem if you call him radical white terrorist.