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VirtualCongress May 23rd, 2017 11:36pm

TJMacks3 (S-NY) proposes Chinese Half-Tariff

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johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/23/17 4:47 pm

No. big economic consequences. It will also make trade with China decrease, since I doubt they'll want to pay off our own debt for us.

ranger13 Texas
05/23/17 4:46 pm

Nay. All this would do is raise prices on consumers and start a trade war with China.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
05/23/17 4:43 pm

Or we could simply invalidate Chinese debt by force. Hail glorious conquest.

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
05/23/17 4:50 pm

Have you ever heard of a nuclear bomb? Do you WANT to live in Fallout?

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
05/23/17 4:51 pm

Because that's how you get that to happen. Start a war with another nuclear armed country.

LegionOfTruth Deport Islam 2017
05/23/17 5:00 pm

That's why jointing the Axis was the best chance for America to being with; to avoid the demographic and influence decline of globalism.

To solve the Chinese problem: Infiltrate the Chinese high command to sabotage all nuclear capabilities. Then a traditional invasion shall be quite successful as crushing them.

skinner Jersey City
05/23/17 4:41 pm

Nay, tariffs are bad for the economy, bad for American consumers, bad for competition and innovation, bad for international relations, and this bill in particular raises the prospect of a wider trade war that could devastate the American economy. I would urge my fellow congressmen to reject this ultra-protectionist legislation.

VirtualCongress Speaker NDAmerican
05/23/17 4:37 pm

A tariff of 10% will be placed on any imported products from China. All money received due to the tariff will be sent back to China as a form of payment for the debt we hold to them. Once the debt is gone, the tariff will be removed.