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reaganist May 23rd, 2017 8:46pm

Are morals necessary for a society to function?

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05/24/17 3:03 am

You need some sort of code. It should be moral, but doesn't have to be.

Suzan Hawaii
05/23/17 5:18 pm

Every society has societal norms. Even the bad societies and games.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
05/23/17 4:37 pm

Sure as long as we can all admit that morality does not come from some fabled god, but evolves with society as it grows and changes with the times.

followingsea Illinois is
05/23/17 2:34 pm

For political correctness. Golden rule ar common sense will cover it.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/23/17 2:26 pm

Definitely..unfortunately our country is lacking in that department..

gluxford1 Arizona
05/23/17 1:47 pm

Most definitely.