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Bobnpt May 23rd, 2017 11:41am

Is the "Seth Rich conspiracy" simply an attempt to distract from Trump's "scandals"?

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shygal47 Florida east coast
05/24/17 5:10 am

This Seth guy was just a mid-level staffer more important to friends and family than to a political stance. The local Fox station needed a distraction from the latest fubar by Trump so they posted a connection idea - a theory - which the ravenish right leaped on and suddenly a misdirection suggestion became *news*.
Seth was randomly be mugged. No news at all.

05/23/17 5:35 am

At this. Point it has exactly the same credibility as the allegations of Trump misconduct.

Now, if only CNN and MSNBC would spend all day every day covering it....

05/23/17 5:01 am

The 'Russia collusion' scandal is meant to distract from Trump's accomplishments

Bobnpt The Ocean State
05/23/17 6:02 am

If it is simply a "distraction", then why did Flynn invoke his 5th Amendment rights?

suppressedID Happy Year of Tiger
05/23/17 6:52 am

Collusion with Russia IS one of Trump's accomplisments.