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Bobnpt May 23rd, 2017 11:34am

Are Medicaid and Medicare simply Government handouts and symptomatic of a failed welfare state.

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/23/17 11:55 am

I am on Medicare not Medicaid. There is a vast difference. We have worked for years and there were retired. Medicare does not pay for as much as Medicaid does Medicaid is welfare.

mark1950 Columbia, South Carolina
05/23/17 8:51 am

My Medicare was paid for out of my paycheck for 45 years. It is not subject to cuts. 😎

05/23/17 6:21 am

Medicaid is a state directed and run program for the poor and indigent. The safety net.
Medicare (ABC&D) is a federal set of programs that pay for physician, medical, skilled services, medical products, and prescriptions (for those aged 65 plus).

musicotic Michigan
05/23/17 5:00 am

People's lives have been SAVED by these programs. I know family members that would be DEAD without these programs. That's why they are necessary.

Jazzy5 USA
05/23/17 4:50 am

We worked hard, my husband and I as well as many other, we paid Medicare taxes.

05/23/17 4:59 am

Me too but consider, that money you've paid in is not there for you. It's already been paid out to other people, just like someone having a good job is taxed but then they fall on hard times and have to rely on welfare.

Because of the way it's structured there is no significant difference between welfare and Medicaid/Medicare or Social Security.

Jazzy5 USA
05/23/17 5:12 am

True: plan ahead, that is the best advice. Until you are totally broke, the gov will take every penny.
Yet, on Medicaid, you get everything. Free.... I have seen this first hand..

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/23/17 11:56 am

Same with my husband and I.