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bandofthehawk Where Griffith isnt
05/22/17 6:20 pm

Well its good you change it up a bit, i mean politics gets boring after awhile. Also I'm doing well just busy as always and I hope you're well to 😊.

05/22/17 7:04 pm

nice to hear from you. Keep doing well, Although I know it's tough given things. Thanks !! I hope you do well.

05/22/17 6:13 pm

I never answer my polls, but I had to ask, ask I will continue to do so, as I'm sure the cowards in life will protest. (It isn't political ya know.). Side note I don't know if everything say/said is grammatically correct but I'll do. My best. P.s it helps to no other languages.

05/22/17 7:07 pm

When I say no ther languages, I mean lag behinds do have to worry about learnin nothin thomas Jefferson and others would be proud.