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ka14tie May 22nd, 2017 11:22pm

Gov food assistance should allow only basic foods and no sodas,sweets,chips,sugar cereal, or bottled drinks

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ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
05/23/17 12:33 pm

A lot of those things are cheaper than the alternative.

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
05/22/17 9:07 pm

(Federal) government food assistance shouldn't exist.

outlaw393 Buck Fiden
05/23/17 1:13 am

You've never been dirt poor have you?

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
05/23/17 4:42 am

You know what? You can eat a big old bucket of fuck you. Not everybody who disagrees with welfare hates poor people you self righteous piece of garbage. I'm sick and tired of trying to have decent and thoughtful arguments with people only to have people like you come along and try to insinuate bullshit about me when you don't know anything about me or the life I've lived.

You and the other statist garbage on here can step right the fuck off and learn how to come up with a better argument than "you're a rich fuck that hates poor people" or some other bullshit.

ComradeJames nationalism
05/23/17 12:29 pm

"I don't hate the poor, I'm just indifferent to their starving and would rather them all die than give up an extra $20 in tax money. Is that unreasonable?"

sanfilippo12 Minarchist Republican
05/22/17 6:22 pm

I think that we should abolish food stamps and replace it with a system where the government brings a crate of food to a specified area, then people come to the area with their food stamp cards. The cards have the number of people in the household printed on them, and then that's how many crates they get per week. It should only provide the necessities, as the goal is to get everyone off of welfare and too many people abuse it because it pays for luxuries.

ka14tie central tx edge of woods
05/22/17 6:46 pm

Agreed I would have a list of about 25 food items and 5 household nessesities for pickup at special locations in urban areas and delivery to those more than 30 miles from a distribution center on assistance open arived a ration card must be shown and it shows number of people and contains a set number of credits for 25,50,75, or 100% support and status which is one of four regular, under 12, new parent/expecting, heavy labor occupation.

bringstheeagle Colorado
05/23/17 6:38 pm

That's similar to the way it worked in say the 50s and early 60s that's why they called it commodities. Over the years that has changed.

ComradeJames nationalism
05/22/17 6:14 pm

"...But we don't hate the poor, I swear!"

05/22/17 6:10 pm

People howled about Michelle Obama healthy lunch program. Now people want to restrict food choices for people on food stamps. Go figure.

The restrictions are not going to happen because there's a huge junk food lobby that's going to fight it tooth and nail.

bringstheeagle Colorado
05/22/17 4:43 pm

It already does in some states like Colorado for example. Throughout our supermarkets there are discrete signs pointing out out allowable items - right down to types of beans. If that's not the case where you live it's a state problem. The Feds turned over administration of welfare to states under the Clinton administration.

05/22/17 4:29 pm

I agree with sodas, most sweets, and definitely chips (a big bag of chips is the same price as a bag of chicken breasts). However, cereal, a variety of sweets, and fruit juices seem necessary to keep people coming because pride would reduce the population going if it was degrading by being water and essentials.
And finally, soda is 1/2 the price of water and starchy sugary foods are cheap ways to fill up the poor, so in the end its cheaper. No cuts for economic reasons.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/22/17 4:24 pm

It's should cover what ever food they're buying...

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/22/17 4:28 pm

"I'd love to provide you with a semblance of a normal child hood, but since your father left and I'm a single mother raising his kids, conservatives feel the need to dictate what were allowed to eat"

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/22/17 4:41 pm

Why should I buy someone else's M&Ms?

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/22/17 5:26 pm

Why should have any say in what someone buys with their money? Are you gonna start restricting students who get Pell grants? How about anyone who receives a mortgage reduction? Do you think the government should start running the businesses of the corporations that receive federal subsidies? Why do you only care about some poor kid who probably can't even afford to eat m&m on a family food budget of about 200 a month?

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/22/17 5:30 pm

"Why should have any say in what someone buys with their money? "

Because it's not their money. If I park at a government site and they validate my parking, I can't say "nah, I want M&Ms instead". It's subsidizing something specific. This is subsidizing food necessities

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/22/17 6:28 pm

What about unemployment? Should The government dictate what a families needs are while someone is unemployed?

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/22/17 8:43 pm

So coffee your boss should be able to tell you how to spend your paycheck. Sure you've "worked" for that check but in reality it's their money they're giving you. I love how conservatives romanticize all the luxury food people get on assistance

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/23/17 11:23 am

1) I'm not a conservative

2) poor analogy. It's not my boss' money. I traded my labor for money. It's my money after the labor is complete. That's the agreement