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VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/22/17 2:54 pm

MrJonahSmith: How is being speaker going?
CT: I'm actually enjoying it. It's a very interesting position and i'm getting to know more of the members of VC. So far it's been a pleasure working with some of the members.

VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/22/17 2:55 pm

MrJ: Some believe that you and Collin are corrupt. What do you say to that?
CT: I believe there is corruption in VC as a whole. It's mainly the National Front Party that's pushing the idea while everyone else is trying to move forward. I can assure you that me and Collin is doing everything in our power to improve VC for everyone.

VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/22/17 2:57 pm

What's some goals you want to accomplish in the next month?

CT: I'm working closely with new cabinet members right now and helping out with their responsibilities and i'm also preparing to enact the census bill in order to have it done for the upcoming elections.

I've also created a new page for the elections scheduled and I've started creating a page for the biweekly approval ratings that are planned.