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musiman28 Cotton country
05/29/17 9:22 pm

Never had Potbelly but Jimny Johns is way overpriced for what you get.

Muffin2424 Utah
05/28/17 8:54 pm

I really like Jimmy johns bread.

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
05/25/17 9:42 am

Cant eat at either b/c of kosher laws, but jimmy johns has funny commercials

RINOTom Peoria, IL
05/24/17 6:15 pm

Two great sandwich places centered in Illinois, but gotta go with Potbelly!

bambi069 Anacortes
05/24/17 1:17 pm

Never heard of Pot Bellys but based on the quality of the food at Jimmy Johns, there is no way it could be worse.

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/24/17 5:07 am

There's no Pot Bellys around here, and I've never been. To Jimmy John's either

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/24/17 5:09 am

Pushed post too early as usual. My sister has been to Jimmy John's and said it was nasty.

05/23/17 4:09 pm

We don't have potbellies around here. I'm not really a big fan of JJ's either though. Jersey Mike's all the way.

05/23/17 1:57 pm

Just had my first JJ Sub. Not impressed.

abusara i drink and i know things
05/23/17 12:31 pm

Never heard of pot belly's. Can count on one hand the number of Jimmy Johns I've seen.

CAModerate California
05/23/17 12:18 pm

Pot belly deli is a great deli.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
05/23/17 10:01 am

I don't know what Pot Belly is, but fuc k Jimmy John's, their owner is a bastard.

05/23/17 6:53 am

Never heard of pot bell's, JJ has been Pot Bellys

tdaddy Kentucky
05/23/17 6:45 am

I've had JJ's but didn't see anything gourmet about it, maybe one notch better than Subway. I choose Potbelly.

rons Thanks America
05/23/17 6:10 am

I look at both ( never had either) but Pot Belly looks like they use real bread. JJ look more like Subway.

NewGeneration Washington DC
05/22/17 10:56 pm

Jimmy Johns does not serve Ranch. Therefore it is inferior to all restaurants.

raywygo Pittsburgh
05/22/17 9:05 pm

Dibella's is where it's at, so good.

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/24/17 5:12 am

DiBellas is awesome

raywygo Pittsburgh
05/22/17 8:59 pm

Never heard of pot bellys and never been to JJ.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/22/17 8:37 pm

Never have had or even seen either, but have seen the commercials for Jimmy John's. So I picked the other one.

Carcano Mark 15 39
05/22/17 6:56 pm

I've never had either. I prefer local businesses for my sandwiches.

kanji401 SoCal gal
05/22/17 11:33 pm

Neither have I. Where are these places, anyway?

Kay41 the Midwest
05/22/17 5:32 pm

I like both. But, Jimmy John's has delicious bread so that's my choice.

Carolynn new jersey
05/22/17 4:18 pm

Never heard of them.

bnnt Los Angeles
05/22/17 4:00 pm

Never heard of either.

rambo088 kansas
05/22/17 5:11 pm

Jimmy johns has national advertisements all the time

fergie Ohio
05/22/17 1:16 pm

Jimmy John's is an expensive lettuce sandwich.

fergie Ohio
05/22/17 1:17 pm

I've never had Potbelly but I guarantee I like it better than JJ

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:18 pm

Potbelly is terrific! There hot pepper mix is seriously nectar of the slightly spicy gods.

fergie Ohio
05/24/17 4:28 pm

I have one near me. I'll definitely check it out!

presrvd Phoenix
05/22/17 2:53 pm

We have 'em here. Look it up. They're pretty good....but only have so many options....

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:19 pm

I travel a lot and have potbelly close to home but almost NEVER come across them elsewhere. I didn't think this was a fair comparison for that reason.

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:21 pm

In that they are sub shops where you custom order? Yes. In taste and meat quality? No,They are two or three tiers above subway quality wise.

EarlyBird Portland
05/22/17 4:45 pm

I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks!

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:47 pm

Potbelly is the one I'd actually endorse, but JJ is loved by most of my friends

EarlyBird Portland
05/22/17 4:51 pm

Live in Portland and don't recall seeing either one before. I wonder if it's a regional thing.

bambi069 Anacortes
05/24/17 1:21 pm

Meat quality at Jimmy John's is several steps below Subway. Don't know about the other we don't have it here.

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/24/17 5:20 pm

Interesting... subway meat is usually reconstructed meat products last time I was at JJ it was still deli meat if I remember correctly. Admittedly we don't go there often.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/22/17 12:33 pm

Never had pot belly, but jimmy johns is complete trash

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:22 pm

I have had JJ like three times and had three vastly different experiences. When it was good it was excellent I also had a meh and bad experience. Potbelly I always have good experiences.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/23/17 6:22 pm

There is a potbelly about 15 miles from me just never ventured to try a sandwich, I've had JJ all around, almost every time has been horrible. They don't have enough options on bread, sauce, veggies, really everything. It's over priced and mediocre.

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/23/17 7:24 pm

Well I'd look at a potbelly menu before making the hike. I will say I feel potbelly has superior bread/meat etc to JJ. The shakes are also simple and delicious. That said the menu is probably 15-16 sandwiches, only 2-3 cheese options, and finishing the sandwich is Mayo/Mustard/Lettuce/Tomato/Peppers/Pickles so it's not every topping on earth. The "A Wreck" is my favorite. I prefer there multigrain bread as it stands up best against the stronger flavors in my fav sub with Hot Peppers added. Soups are good, cookies are terrific, but I will say they are not "cheap" they aren't ridiculous but it's not a value experience either.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/24/17 9:06 am

Well none of those sandwich places seem to be price worthy realistically, when you're talking about buying a sandwich lol

But thanks for the info, whenever I'm back in that area where the PotBelly is I might check it out.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
05/22/17 12:16 pm

I've heard the name Jimmy John's. Didn't know it was a sandwich shop. The other is new to me, but I voted for it 'cause I like its logo.

05/22/17 12:08 pm

Jimmy Johns is a flagrant violator of labor and employment laws. I see no reason to give them any of my money.

rambo088 kansas
05/22/17 5:12 pm

Boo hoo i want a sandwich NOW

commonsense America isnt racist
05/22/17 12:01 pm

Never even heard of either. Must be a eat coast thing.

Reeze The TARDIS
05/22/17 11:51 am

Potbelly is amazing!! I was thinking about going there right before I opened SoH.

alkie New York
05/22/17 11:41 am

Don't know these places. I'm sure they both suck

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/22/17 4:24 pm

Compared to a good New York deli yeaaaaa probably but the rest of us don't have those 😂

05/22/17 11:31 am

Oh man this Middle East trip of Trump's has done more to bring peace in the Middle East in one week than anything Obama did in eight years. So glad that Kenyan is GONE!

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
05/22/17 10:48 am

I prefer making my own sandwich at home, with "Fresh in ingredients", Potbelly🏮Stove is probably the shape you get from eating their sandwiches & Jimmy Johns, sounds like they would serve a possum🐭sandwich or roadkill❓surprise❗️

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/22/17 10:45 am

Never heard of potbelly, but not a,fan of Jimmy Johns

JulieB Texas Lake House
05/22/17 10:38 am

After reading about Jimmy John's CEO being a big game hunter and killing endangered animals, I will always choose any other restaurant over Jimmy John's.

05/24/17 11:06 pm

A political answer to a question about taste. Let me guess, you're a progressive? Color me surprised.

JulieB Texas Lake House
05/27/17 8:21 pm

Actually, I am a conservative. Surprise!

Caleb SOH Editor
05/22/17 10:32 am

I feel more strongly in favor of Potbelly than towards any of the other answers on every other poll I've ever posted.

cowboy Dog Father
05/22/17 10:27 am

Jimmy John's bread always tastes stale. I'd rather have Subway.

Caleb SOH Editor
05/22/17 10:33 am

It's rare I'll say this, but I wholeheartedly agree Cowboy

cowboy Dog Father
05/22/17 10:35 am

Thanks! I've never heard of PotBelly.