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shiculka May 22nd, 2017 3:35pm

Yesterday, while purchasing movie tickets, was asked by a young man ( probably college kid) if I am a senior ( I'm in my early 40s) Do you think that young people have no clue how old people over 40 are? ( I guess they brand everyone just old)

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stickman46 NJ
05/22/17 12:56 pm

And vice versa - I have no clue on the age of many 20's

Reeze The TARDIS
05/22/17 11:56 am

Don't worry about it, I'm sure he's required to ask that in case someone complains they didn't get their discount! 😂

ronderman North Carolina
05/22/17 10:53 am

I hope you took advantage of the cheaper ticket!

shiculka optimistic realist
05/22/17 12:37 pm

Nah, but I gave him a dirty look. 😂😂😂

Liberatheist Mustafar
05/22/17 10:00 am

I think old people have a hard time judging the age of young people

Namdor53 Hello
05/22/17 8:46 am

Don't take it too personally, it's pretty common. People in their 20s seem to have no idea how to guess the age of people over 35 I've seen. I'm lucky I work in healthcare so get to see everyone's date of birth so I don't have to guess 😂

Namdor53 Hello
05/22/17 8:49 am

On the flip side, friends of mine who are over 40 have been asked to show ID for alcohol at restaurants!